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Sunday, December 25, 2021

no. 8 with a bullet
Oh well, no shiny new iPod for me. But Population Statistic clocked in at No. 8 in the Feedster Feed of the Year competition today, and blog-wise, it’s the nicest Christmas present I could ask for.

I’ve pretty much ignored such best-of-blog contests in the past. I’m not against self-promotion, but all the competitions I’ve seen amounted to little more than limited-scope circle-jerks that, ultimately, amounted to nothing. In this case, I didn’t have to do anything (thus appealing to my laziness, a definite plus), and the results depended upon qualitative peer judgement (rather than buddy-buddy voting). So, to me, this means a little something more.

Thanks to the judges for their comments. Here’s Russell Shaw’s:

Fascinating feed fuses demographic and marketing trend info into live information that explains the cultural zeitgeist. You never know what is coming next. Regularly updated with balance of entertaining and “Hmm, that’s fascinating” info. Helpful to know who is behind this site, and how to contact him.

(That “Write” link in the upper-left corner of this page, right below the feed links, should suffice for contact information, I think. I like the “cultural zeitgeist” tag, though.)

Dana Blankenhorn’s:

“A personal blog, well written, with a wide range of interesting subjects. Jump from “America’s Next Top Model” to the NHL, or a poster from the movie “Metropolis.” A cool head to get into. Feed is complete.”

(I’m nothing if not random. Also glad the feed passes muster, as I really don’t give it much exclusive consideration, despite the seeming trends; but I suppose it’d be pretty weird to be on this list if the feed somehow sucked.)

Betsy Richter’s:

can be fascinated by the unlimited minutiae of cultural artifacts that taken individually or collectively, comprise life in our times. She gives Population Statistic 9 of 10 points for uniqueness, freshness, usability and community

(I’ll take 9 out of 10 any day.)

It was a fun, if brief, ride. The Finalist button will be planted into the sidebar in short order. And I’ll continue checking the Feed of the Year Countdown to see who wins the whole enchilada.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 12/25/2005 11:13:29 AM
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  1. […] Our friend Costa reports that his blog, Population Statistic was in the running for Feedster’s “Feed of the Year.” Turns out his was selected as number 8. Congratulations on the top-ten finish, CT. […]

    Pingback by Sticks of Fire: a Tampa blog » in the running — 12/26/2005 @ 10:58:55 AM

  2. I don’t think the fact you were listed 8th means you were #8 — I think that everyone listed in December is a finalist and the winner will be announced at the end of the year. That’s the way I interpreted the “about the countdown” page, at least…

    Comment by Ryan — 12/27/2005 @ 11:03:10 AM

  3. I’ve emailed Alan Graham, who posted about the Top Ten portion of the countdown for clarification on that, so we’ll see.

    However, I do think the race has already been run, and I’m at No. 8. The original press release does say that the winner will be announced on Dec. 31st. But to me, that means that the countdown will have reached the final two blogs by that date (and obviously, as soon as No. 2 is revealed, you know who No. 1 ends up being). That makes the most sense to me; otherwise, there’s little point in assigning ranks during the countdown, as that would be confusing.

    Thanks for offering one final strand of hope, though! Guess I’ll just have to buy my own video-enabled iPod…

    Comment by CT — 12/27/2005 @ 01:33:40 PM

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