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Thursday, December 22, 2021

tomato, tomahtoSo, are the 2006 Winter Games the Turin Olympics, or the Torino Olympics?

I wonder how much this is throwing the average American. I’ve seen and heard both names used in various marketing and news pieces, and the contrast is noticable. I’m willing to bet some people are starting to wonder if there aren’t two host cities for this year. I doubt that “Torino” would even have surfaced if the official logo, pictured here, hadn’t incorporated it.

I think the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation hit upon the ideal solution:

…CBC journalists were told to refer to the Olympics in Turin (the place) as the Torino Games (the event). Torino 2006 athletes, in other words, will compete in Turin. The compromise means that both words will appear in our coverage, which may lead to a new sport at the Olympics: wrestling matches between writers and copy editors over which term is correct in any given context.

Very wishy-washy, but comprehensive. Somewhat savvy in these marketing-conscious times, too. Reminds me of the infamous Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim ploy.

If us English-speakers insist on butchering the host city’s name, we should at least bone up on Italian terms for the Olympic events. Maybe some transference will occur — I rather like the idea of “bobsledding” being truncated to the Italianized “bob”.

- Costa Tsiokos, Thu 12/22/2005 08:43:01 PM
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  2. Hi,

    Great games but,

    Icehockey FIN-USA.
    Referee Canadian.
    Do not do that again.
    Lot`s of mistake what Canadian referee do not see.

    Very sad.Are paying something?

    Comment by Ari — 02/22/2006 @ 01:03:54 PM

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