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Sunday, December 11, 2021

I’ll never buy a PlayStation Portable for myself (nor anyone else, I’d imagine). I had an old-style Nintendo GameBoy, with the monochrome screen, way back in the day, and that was enough.

But I’m thoroughly enjoying the “Squirrels” TV ads for the PSP. Nothing like jive-talking rodents to get me to giggling.

The spots are the work of director Monkmus of Hornet Inc., as commissioned by TBWA/Chiat/Day. There are at least two of them: One where one of the squirrels tells the other to play “Nut” outside, and another where they’re talking smack at each other about how much tail they’d get if they had the kind of graphics/firepower that a PSP had. Oh yes, hilarity abounds.

The artistic style of the spots, with their charcoal black-and-white look, combined with the frenetic voicework (reminiscent of Alvin and the Chipmunks, but slightly urbanized), really sells it for me. It’s a very unusual presentation for selling a videogame console, and thus makes it stand out amid the television commercial clutter.

Which Sony needs, because it’s still facing an uphill battle in overtaking Nintendo in the handheld gaming market. Can squirrels be saviours?

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 12/11/2021 06:55:00 PM
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Despite coming in a Target-branded box, I could find no sign of the little handheld stressball with the “Serenity Now” motto stamped across it on the megaretailer’s website — nor anywhere else on the Web, for that matter.

I would snap a photo of it and post here, but I don’t feel like it. Besides, my cameraphone is notoriously unreliable for such simple tasks.

I will say that I’ve been enjoying the little gift, which I got from my friend Kirby yesterday in the way of a teaser for the Jerry Seinfeld concert at Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center last night. There’s also an inside joke to it: On the cellphone I had before my current one, I had that Frank Costanza mantra constantly displayed on the screen, as it was funny and fit that text area perfectly. (Haven’t been able to hack it into my current phone’s default screen.)

I took the ball with me to the concert. I had a vague idea to stand up during the show and fling it with all my might at Jerry’s noggin, thus bringing to life the Crazy Joe Davola incident. But we were seated too far away, and besides, I didn’t feel like going to jail.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 12/11/2021 05:41:40 PM
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