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Saturday, December 10, 2021

coach class
Where have you gone to, Terry Crisp? The Lightning’s inaugural head coach is now the TV color guy for Nashville Predators games, but he wants another crack at winning one more Stanley Cup:

When asked what he doesn’t miss about coaching, Crisp never used names but alluded to his experience in Tampa: “I don’t miss the politics. I don’t miss not being on the same page as other people in the organization and having to watch your back.”

That’s why the next job Crisp would be willing to take if offered has to be perfect: the right general manager, a stable ownership and a team on the verge of a Cup. Crisp isn’t willing to take any old job simply because he and his wife enjoy the life they lead.

I hate to be the one to break it to Crispy, but there is no “perfect” job in professional coaching. There’s always going to be politics and headbutting and all the rest. And while plenty of retreads make their way back into NHL head coaching spots, it’s highly unlikely that a team situation that Crisp described above would be looking to hand over the reigns to a guy who’s been out of the loop for eight years, 1989 Stanley Cup on the resume notwithstanding.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 12/10/2021 03:20:50 PM
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well-fedIt was well over a year ago when I posted this picture of Anne Hathaway. As with just about every casual, think-nothing-of-it post I put up (particularly those about celebrity women), it’s gone on to become one of the more popular corners of this blog, pulling in at least a few dozen pageviews a day. Obviously, Hathaway has a lot of fans (who also want to see her nude, as the September 2004 post mentions).

I guess she’s picked up quite a few more fans. My traffic has been flying off the chart yesterday and today — typically very slow days of the week, actually — and it’s thanks to Hathaway’s sharply increased buzzworthiness. As Brokeback Mountain goes into wider release, I suppose I’ll be seeing even more visitors.

Too bad Havoc fizzled out into direct-to-video limbo, especially since that’s the film with her nude scene. And speaking of that, there’s a rather odd closing comment from the Yahoo! Buzz entry about it:

Oh. My. God. For those who’ve always wondered what breasts look like, this may be your last chance. Don’t miss out!

I’m not sure if that’s supposed to underline how unbelievable Hathaway looks topless, or be a clarion call to pre-teen nerds who’ll never get to see the real thing. Either way, I think I’ll rent Havoc next week…

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 12/10/2021 02:43:00 PM
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brickin' house
Yesterday, while complimenting an acquaintence on his pickup of an iPod Nano (yeah, I know: it’s already outmoded with the rollout of video iPods, but I wasn’t going to say anything), I came up with what I thought was a nice turn of the phrase:

All these tiny new iPods are making my 2002 model look like a prehistoric brick.

Prehistoric brick. I like it.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 12/10/2021 02:22:19 PM
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