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Thursday, December 08, 2021

T-minus-one day. And so, today was time for the customary goodbye lunch.

I enjoyed it. A good portion of the office crew set out down the street for Bella Brava. I was quite pleased with the choice of locale; Brava is in the spot of the former Ovo Cafe. I never had gotten around to trying the “new” place, even though it’s been running for months now. I’m glad to say that they preserved most of the interior decor from the Ovo days, including the classy-looking ebony-wood bar. And the food was fab.

As the guest of honor, I got gifted with a mock care package for my relocation to New York. It was an oversized cardboard box, festooned with NYC-stylin’ icons, including images of Metrocards, the Statue of Liberty and, of course, the season schedule for the New York Rangers (and, to hedge the bet, the Islanders as well — as if). Curiously, there was also a snapshot of a sidewalk chalk outline scene; hmm….

Inside the box were some fun-fun Noo Yawkin’ trinkets (which I would extensively add hyperlinks to, but it’s getting late):

- An Einstein Brothers bagel

- A winterish set of cap and gloves (which I rather like, especially the cap, which is reminiscent of the classic toque; I’ve been wearing it ever since I got home)

- A AAA Tour Book with road map for New York City/State (tres touristy; makes me want to immediately go up North and declare, “That’s not how we do things back in Florida!”)

- The latest issue of the New Yorker

- A $15 Starbucks giftcard (a nod to the ubiquity of the java giant in Manhattan — and everywhere else)

- A CD of what appears to be techno/house music (can’t wait to listen to it)

- A postcard with Mickey Mouse on it, for me to remember this peninsula

- And finally, today’s print copy of the Grey Lady, along with an NYC-branded pencil, presumably for doing the crossword

I was very happy to see my old coworker Jamie, who was able to join us for this little celebration.

The outing made me just a little sad. I guess it’ll be even more so tomorrow, my last day (despite the fun-packed plans; details tomorrow). But it was a good time, and toward a worthwhile next act.

- Costa Tsiokos, Thu 12/08/2021 11:37:35 PM
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  1. So long and bon voyage … best of luck in NYC (didja see the weather up there today?!! :-) … enjoy it, we do!

    I’ve enjoyed the blog .. the eyeglass thing struck me as funny as well … weird. I was tempted to take one ..

    take care, man.

    - chase

    Comment by Chase — 12/09/2021 @ 11:45:58 AM


    Last day, y’all. But I am riding out in style.
    This afternoon, after the annual wrap-up meeting, Florida Trend springs for the entire staff to attend a matinee performance of Cirque du Soleil (the name of which always makes me think of Ban de S…

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 12/09/2021 @ 01:42:25 PM

  3. I think that Starbucks giftcard will get you a cup of standard coffee here in NYC ;)

    Comment by David — 12/09/2021 @ 01:56:17 PM

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