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Saturday, November 26, 2021

It’s a bit early to tell for sure, but it appears Black Friday delivered the throngs of shoppers it usually does.

The “two” to the modern-day one-two punch in holiday retailing comes in a couple of days, though. “Cyber Monday” is when people get back to work and, naturally, take advantage of their faster computers and Web conections to shop online.

I’m a little surprised that the from-work option is still so pronounced. Five years ago, when dialup was still the prevalent method of online access from home, it was to be expected that people reserved certain Web activity for the broadband connections available in the office. But today, when DSL and cable modems are more widespread? I’m always mindful (unlike others) that home broadband is far from universal, but still. Add to that the increasing computer surveillance that companies are installing to curb cyberslacking, and it’s hard to believe it’s still a big factor (then again, most people aren’t bright enough to know they’re getting themselves in hot water).

All this underlines a distinct usage trend:

Even though these are the top shopping sites, consumers may not necessarily be shopping there. That’s the same case with search engines. Just because search queries go up doesn’t necessarily mean people are searching to shop. But it is a logical assumption to make.

In most cases, people searching online these days are searching for commercial reasons.

Even Answers.com, a search and directory service that typically is associated with dictionary or factual searches, and not necessarily searches on the best cameras, is seeing more commercial-related searches.

Of the 2 million daily search queries, the percentage of commercial-related ones is rising, said CEO Bob Rosenschein, in a recent interview.

I think commercial searches come to the fore more during this time of year. It’s certainly a big part of everyday use year-round, but just like the rest of the retail industry, holidays bring a healthy rise.

Personally, I’ll be paying attention to the traffic here on Monday. This is far from a shopping site, or even a search engine; but given all the hits that Google sends this way, I have a feeling that I’ll see a good amount of incidental visits. If Answers.com can get the overflow, I’m sure I’ll see some small slice.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sat 11/26/2005 10:26:30 AM
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    However, I don’t see any evidence that it’s…

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    I’m a little surprised that the from-work option is still so pronounced. Five years ago, when dialup was still the p…

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