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Tuesday, November 15, 2021

what's that smell?Oh, the joke potential behind the state of New Jersey’s public competition to find a new slogan… I’d love to get a peek at the thousands of entries.

I can’t imagine any insulting variant that hasn’t been bandied about. But here’s my post-deadline entry anyway:

New Jersey - You want nice? Go to Connecticut!

Tri-state represent, bi-otch.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 11/15/2005 10:23:05 PM
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News that a pristine 1926 poster for Fritz Lang’s Metropolis sold for a record $690,000 doesn’t interest me that much.

But it ran with an accompanying image of said movie poster, with its rich sepia tones and art deco style. So I appreciated that.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen the movie; might be time for a rental. Even better is the Thea Von Harbou illustrated novel, which doesn’t appear to be available from Amazon, but is in my collection.

You gotta have heart.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 11/15/2005 09:59:16 PM
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If fans of “America’s Next Top Model” are expecting to see the show’s winner attain supermodelhood, they’re heading for a letdown. The consensus among fashion insiders is that all the contestants on the reality show are too old, too fat, and — the kicker — too American to make it in the current modeling game.

I’d be surprised if most “Top Model” fans really think the show’s going to produce the next Cindy Crawford, though. Like any reality show, the appeal is in all the manufactured drama. The fact that the protagonists are catwalking Barbie dolls instead of faux survivalists just gives it a hook among the likeliest 18-34 audience:

“I see girls sitting on the No. 4 train to Brooklyn saying, ‘Omigod, I have to get home because the Tyra show is on,’ ” said Wayne Sterling, the editor of Models.com, a slick Web site that obsessively rates model status. “The show has become their spectrum, a Midwest, middle-of-the-road simulation of what the business is like.”

I was unaware of the exact order of non-Americans flooding the modeling ranks: First Brazilians, then Belgians, then Eastern Europeans. (If anything, I’d have guess the opposite order of procession.) And who knew that the classic American look was poised for a comeback (even if it’s not coming from “the Tyra show”):

Whether a banner season for one young mannequin augurs a major taste shift in the modeling business and perhaps even a return to what some forecast as a resurgence of classic American sportswear it seems early to predict. “Does it mean we’re going to see a comeback for American models?” [IMG president Ivan] Bart asked. “Who knows? But I can tell you that nobody but nobody wanted Hillary [Rhoda] until Paris, and then Nicolas [Ghesquiere] cast her. And then suddenly this whole American in Paris thing kicked in and she was totally, totally the top girl of the week.”

All I know is, you’d better work it, girl.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 11/15/2005 09:29:42 PM
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