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Thursday, October 27, 2021

I guess there’s an ultimate upside to having an Ayatollah mark you for a hitjob. Salman Rushdie is loving life these days, hobnobbing with Bono while going iPod-less.

He’s also loving the Big Apple:

Q. You live mostly in New York these days?

A. Yes. All of my life I wanted to live in New York. I work really well there. The city is so possessed of a work ethic that if you’re not working you feel like a [expletive]. [Laughter]

Q. It seems like you’ve become a different character than the guy who was in hiding all those years.

A. I don’t quite see that. During those years, I was the same person, but I was facing all this stuff that was very difficult. One of the things I discovered at the end of the period of protection was how quickly one returns to normal. That’s not to say there aren’t scars — I’m sure there are — but the desire for ordinary life is overwhelming.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 10/27/2005 10:38:44 PM
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Once I heard about Harriet Miers’ withdrawal from consideration for the Supreme Court vacancy, I wondered how long it would take for some delusional right-wing blogger to claim credit for the event on behalf of the nattering nabobs of blogativity.

Turns out, not long at all.

It’s a real good example of how exaggerated a presence the Web is in some people’s lives. Fact is, bloggers could have railed long and hard 24/7, and it wouldn’t have caused the President to blink. It wasn’t until it was clear that the right flank of the GOP was ready to go on active attack that Bush gave in. That, and Miers’ obvious shortcomings on constitutional law expertise.

A reminder to would-be blog crusaders: You can’t build a critical mass when don’t have a true mass medium. And despite the hype, the Web ain’t there — and I’m not even going to add the qualifying “yet”.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 10/27/2005 10:29:48 PM
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going hollywood
Only the NFL could manage to piss off not just one, but two cities while engineering a franchise relocation back to Los Angeles.

“We’re going to try to ride out the rest of this year the best way we can,” a source involved in the discussions said. “[The Saints] could very well spend another year in San Antonio. If you’re looking at it long-term, L.A. is a no-brainer. But I also think we need to give New Orleans and Louisiana a shot. We have absolutely no obligation to San Antonio. None.”

Way to kick the Crescent City while it’s down. Not that it should come as any surprise to New Orleanians; they’ve known for years that team owner Tom Benson has been itching for any excuse to move the team. It was going to happen eventually anyway, Katrina or not.

As for San Antonio, I guess it’s learned that it doesn’t pay squat to play gracious host to an NFL club. Where’s the motivation to court a future franchise? Not that it’ll stop boosters from continuing to mount future efforts…

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 10/27/2005 09:28:32 PM
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