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Saturday, October 22, 2021

bloodthirstyMy friends Tom and Amber are hosting a Halloween winetasting party at their pad next weekend. Deal is you bring a bottle of vino with you, and everyone samples everyone else’s selection; and for the occasion, you costume up.

On the costume front, no idea yet, but it’ll likely be minimalist. This is the first Halloween in ages I’ve gone out, so I’m out of practice.

On the wine front, I know pretty much nothing. So on a lark, I did a search on “spooky wines”, and wouldn’t you know, I came up with a selection of vintages.

The Vampire Merlot has got to be the way to go. As you’d suspect, it’s made in the one-and-only Transylvanian region of Romania, and it goes well with red meat. Boo!

If I can find it locally, I’ll definitely take this with me. If not, I’ll go with one of those bottles with the funky Ralph Steadman-drawn labels.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 10/22/2005 07:25:04 PM
Category: Food
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  1. A suitable Halloween libation

    Especially if you’re having, you know, grownups over: Vampire Merlot can take on the biggest char-grilled steaks and barbequed pork cutlets that you can throw at it, but it also…

    Trackback by dustbury.com — 10/23/2005 @ 02:04:52 PM


    I didn’t find that Vampire Merlot I was eyeing for the weekend’s Halloween wine tasting.
    I didn’t look for it very long, because as soon as I came across Schmitt-Soehne’s Zeller schwarze Katz today, I knew I had my bottle. How…

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 10/24/2005 @ 11:26:05 PM

  3. You should go with a Williams Park motif and carry around a big jug of Gallo.

    Comment by Hunk Oman — 10/25/2005 @ 09:12:42 AM

  4. Hmm, better than any idea I’ve had yet…

    Comment by CT — 10/25/2005 @ 11:27:04 PM


    Last night was the aforementioned Halloween wine tasting hosted by my friends Tom and Amber.
    I duly took the black cat wine I found just for the occasion. And it’s a good thing I did pick up that Zeller schwartz Katz bottle, instead of the Vam…

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 10/30/2005 @ 06:57:24 PM

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