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Wednesday, October 19, 2021

nothing to wear
Bluefly has rolled out a new ad campaign, dubbed “That’s Why I Bluefly”. And it’s causing a minor stir:

The ad, which Bluefly CEO Melissa Payner said is meant to shed light on why women shop, features a naked woman standing in front of a packed closet, despairing because she can’t find a thing to wear.

Finally, glancing at her watch in exasperation, she goes to her own dinner party naked.

The tag line on the ad is: “That’s why I Bluefly.”…

Payner said she was surprised at how much resistance the ad garnered, considering some of the cable stations and fashion magazines that balked at it feature editorial content far racier than the ad.

“It was supposed to make people laugh,” she said. “It’s not about being sexy. But everyone reacted the same way. They said they didn’t want to show any butt crack.”

“It becomes so comical at the end of it all, sitting there with the publisher of a magazine and a ruler saying ‘can we show this much?’ ”

At the, uh, end of it all, Bravo was the only cable station that agreed to run the uncensored ad.

Print publications were a little less prude.

Only Real Simple and InStyle insisted that the model’s bare derriere be cropped out of the picture. Vogue, Bazaar, Lucky, Elle and Marie Claire will all run the original print image in October or November.

It is a little curious as to why those fashion rags would balk in this case. There’s plenty of hints of skin in ad and non-ad pages there. Makes me wonder just how much resistance there really was, and if this whole “controversy” isn’t in fact being manufactured by Bluefly to amp up the buzz (hard to believe when you’ve got a naked woman pitching your wares, I know, but possible).

Among non-cable outlets, The WB is playing the ad, entitled “Dinner Party”; and it certainly got my attention when I first saw it last night.

Judge for yourself. (There’s a second spot, called “Cafe”, but it’s really nowhere near as notable.)

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 10/19/2005 11:53:26 PM
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serve 'em up
Leanne Shear and Tracey Toomey, the Whisky Chicks, are hot.

And they drink whisky (probably whiskey, too). And they know how to bartend, the experience from which they’ve used to write “The Perfect Manhattan”, a novel about a girl’s travails in the big city.

Aside from fiction, they dole out bar-scene advice:

Q: Is it a good idea to send a drink over to a woman at a bar via the bartender? Or should I just approach the woman and offer to buy her a drink myself?

A: Tracey and I talked this one over for a while — this is a good question! We ultimately feel that we love the idea of a guy sending a girl a drink via the bartender. It’s a win/win situation and a chance for BOTH people to feel each other out — the girl can decide if she wants to talk to the guy in person and thank him for the drink. If she doesn’t approach him, the guy knows she is a dud not worth wasting his time on — all it cost him was the price of the drink!

It may be the cynic in me, but I’ve always felt that sending the drink via the bartender also eliminated (or at least, minimized) the possibility of roofies.

Maybe Leanne and Tracey will relocate to the Tampa Bay area and tend bar. They can serve up their signature rejiggered Manhattans:

First they specified Maker’s Mark Kentucky bourbon, “because of it’s modern flavor and smooth finish.” Then they got rid of the dry vermouth and the bitters. Finally, by adding a splash of maraschino cherry juice, or by muddling an actual cherry, they gave their drink its distinctive color - sort of a dark pink. The result, in their opinion, is a cocktail that is fun but not ditzy like a certain drink made popular by the TV series Sex and the City.

“We see it as a foil to the cosmopolitan,” Toomey said.

I’m sold. It’d be a welcome move, since bartending skills hereabouts are sorely lacking.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 10/19/2005 11:05:46 PM
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In a move that represents a significant loosening of the corporate culture, McDonald’s Corp. is gingerly implementing blogs for management types on its internal intranet.

For me, this doesn’t erase the taint that Mickey-D’s acquired when it tried to pass off its fake “Lincoln Fry” blog as real. The Golden Arches has some work to do before it regains any blog cred, yo.

(Via Weblog Tools Collection)

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 10/19/2005 09:59:33 PM
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If there’s a better blog title out there than Tranniefesto: A Crossdressing Adventure, I’d like to see it.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 10/19/2005 09:30:20 PM
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