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Tuesday, October 18, 2021

It’s been a mixed morning, all before I even left the house.

After getting dressed, I killed some time on the Xbox by playing Dragon Spirit (one of the oldschool games on the newly-acquired Namco Museum 50th Anniversary Arcade Collection). I managed to get farther on it than I’d been able to during the previous couple of days’ play. Happy-happy.

Then, just before walking out the door, I went to feed the fish. After dropping in the pinch of food (they’ll get more tonight), I made to screw the lid back on the tiny container, and the slick label caused me to drop the damned thing to the floor. The flakes burst out confetti-like, coating a sizable portion of the floor and carpet; it’s really amazing how much food was packed into that little plastic cylinder. Worse thing was I had absolutely no time to really clean it up. So I shook the portion that fell onto my shoes off onto the floor, scooped up a couple of fingerfuls back into the container, then left. I’m hoping the remainder doesn’t attract insects before I get back tonight to vaccuum it up.

Resolved: I’m leaving the house earlier tomorrow.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 10/18/2005 08:29:58 AM
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  1. While Dragon Spirit is a great old school game, I’d have to say I’d prefer dig-dug. The pre-Smurf guy is the best!

    Comment by Kirby — 10/18/2005 @ 10:26:40 PM

  2. That’s on the disc too. But I prefer blowtorching things to exploding them via airpump.

    Comment by CT — 10/18/2005 @ 11:11:48 PM

  3. I forgot all about my video game playing days until you brought it up. I remember they got the “Dragon Spirit” game at my stomping grounds (ABC Pizza), but, it was right after I spent 2 weeks of allowance conquering “1943 Battle of Midway (?)” and I remember they seemed too similar for me to do it all again. Needless to say they also got one of my all time favorite games at the same time “Xenophobe”. I didn’t eat lunch for a week just so I could use my lunch money after school (don’t tell my mom).

    Comment by Hunk Oman — 10/19/2005 @ 04:32:30 PM

  4. Y’know, I originally thought you meant “Xevious”, because that’s on the same disc I just got and I doubted there ever was a game called “Xenophobe”.

    But it turns out, there was.

    Comment by CT — 10/19/2005 @ 09:20:21 PM

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