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Friday, October 14, 2021

Domino came out today, to a general drubbing by the critics.

Aside from the plot and performances, there seems to be a cool reception to the notion that a fashion model would segue into bounty hunting — even though that part’s based on a true story. Maybe Keira Knightley is too pretty to pull it off.

I’m thinking this is a bad signal for the proposed movie adaptation of “Glamorama”, with its similar beautiful-people-doing-dirty-things premise. And with author Bret Easton Ellis saying that the movie’s not even close to getting off the ground, a lackluster box office performance by Domino wouldn’t intice potential investors.

Just as well. I doubt “Glamorama” could justly be adapted to the screen, with all its wild meta-narratives. And the beautiful creatures are better off for it.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 10/14/2005 09:00:22 PM
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Playwright Harold Pinter won the Nobel Prize for literature yesterday.

If you think you don’t know Pinter, you’re probably wrong. The “Seinfeld” episode “The Betrayal”, with its unique backward-in-time-propelled storyline, is based on Pinter’s play of the same title. As if that isn’t obvious enough, one of the characters in the episode is actually named “Pinter”.

The Nobel winner also happens to have a Florida connection: The Pinter Review is an academic journal devoted to the breadth of Pinter’s works, and is published at the University of Tampa. As you’d expect, the UT folks are pleased as punch over the prize.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 10/14/2005 08:18:42 PM
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