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Monday, October 10, 2021

buck upAre you an aspiring moviemaker, full of ideas but low on cash, equipment, resources, talent, etc.? Do yourself a favor and save a bunch of time: Forget about the actual movie, and produce the promo poster instead.

IMDb’s Pitch Your Picture contest allows you to take your best shot at creating a fake movie poster. You could win a sweet 32-inch LCD television or a digital camera! This competition just screams comedy (actually, it screams porn parody, but I’m sure that’s against the rules).

I like this sample submission, Crazy Deer. The tagline totally sells it: “1 Deer. 2 Horns. 3 Bodies.” That, and the clever tricolor motif; great substitution of red/white/blue instead of the typical red/white/black in this sillouette style. And it totally reminds me of “Deer Avenger”.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 10/10/2021 11:36:44 PM
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For the past two years, my friend Tom has been revelling in being a first-time dad. Part of that fun has involved feeding his baby girl a wide range of cuisine — more or less matching what her parents eat.

Since Tom is something of a gourmand, their food sometimes veers into the realm of the adventurous. Being acquainted with the conventional wisdom about easing babies into eating solid foods by restricting them to bland fare, I often wondered about the wisdom of giving the baby morsels more geared toward adult tastebuds and physiology.

It turns out that Tom’s approach is validated. The traditional advice calling for rice cereal and strained carrots is so much bunk, and more doctors are calling for zestier nutritional choices for baby’s first foods. Exposing the tykes to more varied foods supposedly will acclimate them to greater food variety later in life, helping avoid nutritional shortfalls and obesity.

So jalapenos, curry, and Italian seasonings are fair game. I’ll remember that the next time some infant begs me for a bite of pizza.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 10/10/2021 11:05:31 PM
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This past summer, I took part in one of CreativeTampaBay’s social capital workshops. I enjoyed it, but wasn’t sold on its prospects:

…If the idea is to develop a vanguard of forward-thinking creative types who drive the scene, I’m not sure it’s the right approach. Especially in Florida, people move on, find other interests, get complacent; you can criticize that all you want, but it’s the overriding dynamic. Those who remain true believers get frustrated because no replacements come in to make up for the defections (as might happen in larger cities). And so many things about life here are geared toward measured apartness — suburban-like neighborhoods, sprawled development, etc. — that it’s hard for a catalyst group to buck that tide. CTB’s sentiment is nice, but I’m not convinced it’ll generate anything but chat-clubs that will eventually fizzle.

The promised report incorporating all the brainstorming done during the summer has just been released. And based mostly on the pace of this release, I’m going to declare that the aforementioned fizzle already has set in.

I appreciate that CreativeTampaBay is largely a volunteer effort, and so depends on the amount of free time people can devote to it. But come on — three months to produce a padded piece of fluff? Any momentum generated during those World Cafe sessions is long gone, as far as I’m concerned. If this is the sort of languid timetable that’s going to drive this effort, I don’t see it building toward anything lasting.

Like I said, to this point I’ve heard a lot of talking, but not much to hang onto. If there’s not going to be a fairly robust feedback/response component here, I see little reason to occupy my time with it.

An aside: I was alerted to the release of this report by none other than USF Collaborative director Judi Jetson, whose unique (and invented) name got my prior attention.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 10/10/2021 09:59:33 PM
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