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Friday, October 07, 2021

I listen to WUSF 89.7 FM at work, mainly because it plays classical music for most of the day. Not that I especially adore classical, but the key is, it’s 99 percent instrumental — and for me, non-lyrical music doesn’t glue itself to the brain nearly as much as songs do. (I guess that says a lot about how my mind works.)

I’ll leave WUSF on after 4PM, when the music stops and the local edition of National Public Radio takes over. I usually turn it off after half an hour or so, because it gets to rambling.

Today, the weekly sports segment — all five minutes of it — was on, and involved itself with the return of the NHL. Some localish hockey reporter was in for a chat with the host, and they basically rehashed the national NPR story.

While wrapping up, the hockey dude brought up the online/blogger barometer on the start of the season. He noted that it’s been enthusiastic, but cited Hockey Rodent’s rant about the fans’ acquiescence despite the lockout as a dissenting opinion.

Not only did he mention Hockey Rodent by name (having a little chuckle over it), he also paraphrased this little nugget:

Every time I see the words “Thank you fans!” painted along the blue lines, I finish the sentence with “… for being such suckers” and then I throw the TV Brick.

I’m wondering if Rodent got any visits from the Tampa Bay area as a result of this tiny plug. They didn’t spell out his URL, but it wouldn’t be that hard to find.

In any case, it was amusing to hear the citation of a hockey blogger.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 10/07/2021 08:28:32 PM
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I’ve been denying it all week, but I’ve got to face the facts:

My body hates me.

Now, on the surface, this is a nonsensical contention, just as goofy as the common “I hate my body” lament for those less-than-perfect individuals. The classic Cartesian-Newtonian separation of the mind from the body (and both from the spirit) obscures the fundamental fact that you can’t disassociate your mental self from your physical self. You’re all one bag, baby — brain, guts, cellulite, and all the other unsavory ingredients — and perceiving this otherwise is a faulty construct.

Nevertheless, let me list the ways in which I’m feeling the hate this morning:

  • My back, which is a constant symphony of aches anyway, is hitting some particularly sharp notes in my lower back.
  • The right side of my neck and shoulder are contribuing some nerve strain, causing a vague burning sensation.
  • My right knee is flaring up everytime I bend it, a common malady during rainy weather (thanks Tammy), but especially acute today.
  • And the topper: A slight-but-nagging headache.

I really didn’t think I’d have to deal with these physiological travesties for another 20 years, at least. Good thing I have the life of the mind as compensation.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 10/07/2021 09:57:56 AM
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