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Saturday, October 01, 2021

Well, I’ve gotten my answer on what was causing CrispAds’ poor clickthru performance here: It was CrispAds itself.

How do I know? The Google AdSense wide skyscraper ad that I placed in CrispAds’ former spot has gotten more clicks — and, thus, made me more money — in a few days than the CrispAds and AdBrite ads have in two weeks.

Case closed.

Actually, I was going to leave the CrispAds box on the site for another week or so, just to see if it could attract a halo effect. But it still wasn’t getting any clicks, and then, I found that it would sometimes bust out of its boxed area and bleed beyond the sidebar and into the posts area. Taking up space was bad enough, but when it starts to mess up the site’s design, it’s time to go.

And go it has. Frankly, it’s a loser. I’m sure CrispAds’ handlers pay some lip-service to how targeted and relevant its ads are, but I saw absolutely no evidence of that. All it ever displayed was generic crap, mostly relating to Florida-based goods and services (apparently the only keyword it was able to zone in on, despite providing it with a ton). If this is how it plans to compete with the robust services Google and BlogAds have, then CrispAds ain’t gonna last long.

The success of AdSense also means AdBrite is on deathwatch. It’s not pulling in much, and for the cherry spot it’s got at the very top of the page, it should be. I expect I’ll be yanking it down within the next week; I’ll replace it with another AdSense box, provided that doesn’t violate any of Google’s rules (I doubt it would, but I’ve read that Google is hair-trigger sensitive about such things, given abuse by sploggers and such).

I can go into just why AdSense is performing so well, but I’ll save that for the next advertising update. Yes, I know you can’t wait… (Note: this series is obviously more for my benefit than the readers’, although if anyone else is finding this useful, all the better.)

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 10/01/2021 07:16:09 PM
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    Since placing Google Adsense ads on this blog, I’ve been keeping an eye on other people’s posts on their experience with the program. I like to get a feel for comparative performance; I’m insecure like that.
    Alas, I haven’t be…

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 10/15/2005 @ 06:11:47 PM


    Astute visitors today will notice a new wrinkle on this blog: An additional AdSense box, placed at the bottom of the posted content and/or the page (depending on whether you’re looking at a single-post page or a multiple-post one).

    What can I say? I live in New …

    Comment by Population Statistic — 05/20/2006 @ 03:17:45 PM

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