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Wednesday, September 21, 2021

who's that girl?
After foul-tipping on their first attempt, the St. Pete Times finally got it right: This week’s issue of tbt* features a cover story on the Tampa Bay area’s prominent bloggers.

But… where am I? (Aside from a “hot spot” link on the accompanying sidebar.)

Disclosure time: Shortly after the Times unveiled their online local blog directory, tbt* writer Steve Spears got in touch with me about doing an interview for the forthcoming editorial piece. I told him I’d be happy to participate, but pointed out a fly in the ointment: I work for Florida Trend magazine, and thus, for the same corporate parent as Spears. So I questioned the potential conflict of interest, and told him the ball was in the court of tbt*’s braintrust. As I expected, the safer course was chosen.

Which is fine. I’d have been surprised if it wasn’t so. I will say it would have been the easiest trackdown interview Spears would have had to do, since my office is footsteps down the hall from tbt*’s; even the photo shoot would have taken mere minutes.

But I had no doubt that there were plenty of interview candidates to go to, including the cover girl (who is, incidentally, the second tbt* cover girl I’ve known). I’ll have to track down a better image of today’s cover than what I’ve had to resort to tonight. (no luck on this; the tiny cover image remains) The rest of the roll call:

- Sticks of Fire

- Sarah in Tampa

- Seminole Heights

- Tampa Film Fan

- DRays Bay

- St. Petersblog (which actually wasn’t highlighted in print, but is online)

Hopefully, this little exposure will bring these folks plenty of new fans.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 09/21/2005 10:01pm
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So this year’s MacArthur Fellows, commonly known as “genius awards”, have been announced.

And the 25 men and women who got the nod are certainly a diverse group: The to-be-expected molecular biologist and laser physicist; the sculptor and rare book preservationist, to cover the artsy angle; and of course, the fisherman.

Wait a minute — a fisherman?!

Actually, all of the 2005 Fellows justly deserved the honor, and the $500,000 no-strings-attached grant that goes with it. Hopefully they’ll make good use of both, and, like previous winners, won’t let it all go to their heads.

That said…

If the MacArthur Foundation is looking for quirky genius, then look no further. I’m your man. Smart as a whip, and just as lethal. (Uh, strike that second part — unless it helps my case).

I could drone on and on, bring in references from hither and thither, submit to a battery of tests and presentations to prove that I’m worthy of being named a MacArthur Fellow in 2006. But instead of that, I’m going to let this blog do the talking for me, now and in the year ahead.

I suggest that any potential nominators out there read this blog daily, see me in action, and get a good idea of just how lively and creative I am on a consistent basis. Then, recommend me for a grant, and pitch it it thusly:

The very first blogging MacArthur Fellow. Me.

How perfect would that be? The Foundation gets to annoint a new-media participant and show that it’s an organization that’s hip to the 21st Century jive. I’d get the recognition I always deserved (ahem), and half a million bucks to boot. Which, I assure you, would go toward a very useful cause — as soon as I get back from my Hawaiian vacation. (Hey, even geniuses need some recuperation time…)

I can feel the groundswell forming as I type this. Can I get an “A-men”?

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 09/21/2005 09:18pm
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