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Monday, September 12, 2021

I’m wondering: Could “Monday Night Football” have come up a tune even more redneck than Tim McGraw’s “I Like It, I Love It” for its halftime week-in-review recap?

It’s not like it’s even a current song — it’s nearly ten years old, for crying out loud. Can’t be any sponsorship money behind it. And the song flat-out sucks, football-jiggered lyrics or not.

I guess I should thank ABC. Between that crap, and utter inanity of Jimmy Kimmel, I can safely switch channels as soon as the second quarter expires every Monday.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 09/12/2021 11:22pm
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Fortune. Forbes. BusinessWeek.

Is there room at the top for another national business magazine? The current business climate says no, but Conde Nast has $100 million that says yes, relying upon lingering Internet-bubble tarnish on the existing three and a fresh approach to carve out its own niche.

So what might this new new thing look like? The unholy love child of Vanity Fair and Fortune, a magazine that covers starlets who have a passion for financial derivatives?

Well, given Conde’s plans to franchise the Vogue title far and wide… “Vogue Business”, anyone?

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 09/12/2021 10:53pm
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The St. Petersburg Times has taken the wraps off its newest website, a stab at community journalism/blogging. Dubbed “It’s Your Times”, it was given a premature outing last week by Tommy at Sticks (amazing how lax even experienced Web media people can be about hiding in-development projects).

Disclosure: I work for Florida Trend, which is owned by the same company that owns the St. Pete Times. As with most happenings concerning the newspaper, I did not have any prior knowledge of this new offering, and still don’t have any inside scoop on it.

Site design is about as clean and professional as you’d expect. It’s powered by Drupal, a blogging software that I looked at for here, but decided was too inflexible and geekish. And indeed, it’s making for some annoying elements on “It’s Your Times”, like a notification that there’s an “attached file” on each post, which in reality is nothing more than the clearly visible thumbnail image. (By the way, the favicon needs to be replaced — it’s a dead giveaway.)

While I’m sure this is a welcoming format for the typical mainstream media consumer, I question why these new digs were deemed necessary. To me, they’re not much of a step up from the old-style BBS forums the paper maintains, which (amazingly to me) seem to be quite busy these days. Why reinvent the wheel?

Of course, this is a reinvention anyway. Plenty of other newspapers have set up shop in this space; and most of those efforts were responses to local community reporting sites like Topix and OhMyNews. There’s no pioneering going on here.

In my mind, this project serves as a stepping-stone for engaged readers. Those familiar with forum participation can move on to “It’s Your Times” and treat it as a dip in the blog swimming pool. After getting acclimated to it, they’ll move on to setting up their own blogs. Of course, I’m sure others will be satisfied with just this.

As with anything, “It’s Your Times” will succeed only if it’s cross-promoted in the print edition of the Times (which is still the mass-media organ, as with most metropolitan areas). The promise of publishing user-submitted content in the paper is a good incentive to throw out there, and should stir plenty of early participation.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 09/12/2021 10:15pm
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It’s true: I’ve sold out.

Hey, it’s not like it’s the first time. And in case anyone’s wondering, carving out adspace was indeed one of the reasons for trimming down the header image up top.

I didn’t do it out of necessity — this site costs next to nothing to maintain, and I’ve got my day job. But the traffic has been fairly high and steady, and I figured I might as well see if all those visits would translate into even a little bit of coinage.

Right now, I’m testdriving both Adbrite (top of page) and CrispAds (left sidebar). I may keep them both, or drop one, depending on all levels of performance.

I’ll be doing a little extra tweakage on both ad areas until they look just right. If anyone notices anything amiss on this page due to the new additions, let me know.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 09/12/2021 02:40pm
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