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Friday, September 02, 2021

see the worldIt’s Friday! That means it’s time for the fifth, and final, installment of my focus on content from the September 2005 issue of Florida Trend. The ever-present disclaimer: FT pays my bills.

A Swim in the Park details the coming short-term expansion of SeaWorld, probably the most distinctive non-Disney theme park in Orlando. A new, yet-unnamed water park kicks things up a notch, with a more naturalistic atmosphere that includes Commerson’s dolphins, a breed whose body markings make them quite reminiscent of headliner Shamu.

There’s also a separate accompanying sidebar on Verified Identity Pass and its test program at Orlando International Airport. I’ve written about this airport pat-down bypass before, taking a dim view of the whole concept.

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As much as I avoid giving this blog a consistent content theme, who am I to argue with Technorati and its new-fangled Blog Finder directory? Right there, (far) behind the inimitable Off Wing Opinion, is PopStat as the second-most authoritative hockey blog on the World Live Web.

Man, just think: If not for the locked-out season, I might have made it to No. 1!

Of course, Blog Finder is in beta, and it’s called “beta” for a reason. Like this one. I’m sure this minor miscategorization will be tweaked out, in favor of more worthy candidates.

In the meantime, judge this blog’s hockeyworthiness for yourself.

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You can keep your Madden NFL ‘06. When it comes to football videogaming, make mine Tecmo Super Bowl.

Why? Aside from its basic oldschool design and several ahead-of-its-time gameplay innovations, it managed to defy the laws of physics (i.e., the shortest distance between two points):

running in a straight line is the slowest way to the endzone. instead, zigzag as much as possible. watch with sheer enjoyment as defenders practice eating dirt after each unsuccessful dive.

Actually, I may have to devote a post to all the logic-defying trick moves that were found in the sports videogames of the late ’80s and early ’90s. I know that EA’s NHL Hockey contained a bunch of them, including surefire top-shelf goals from impossible angles, that quickly devolved games into beat-the-clock scoreathons.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 09/02/2021 10:10am
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