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Thursday, September 01, 2021

ready for tech?Time for Part Four of my look inside September’s Florida Trend:

The Growth We Want assails Florida’s unfocused growth management, pointing out that aspirations to become another Silicon Valley won’t happen without the necessary accompanying infrastructure.

There are some lessons to be learned from the past influx of NASA’s brain trust:

Schools matter a lot. Silas Baker, an aerospace engineer who came to Cape Canaveral during the 1960s and now is a member of the Florida Space Authority board, says he and other young engineers and scientists back then “wanted our kids to go to a decent school, and we weren’t going to put up with any of this marginal stuff. This Brevard County school system has been one of the best in the country ever since. It’s the same thing if you go to Silicon Valley, if you go to Los Alamos, if you go to Route 128 in Boston, the Triangle in North Carolina — go to any of these areas where you have an emphasis on science and creativity and entrepreneurship, you’ll find that the entire community benefits because those people who have their kids in these schools will demand the best.”

Of course, school quality is a perpetual bugaboo for this state. It’s a chicken-and-egg predicament: The state government is counting on high-level professionals to boost the population and raise educational standards; but those professionals won’t come unless there are quality schools to begin with.

Reporter Neil Skene can be counted upon to deliver a fairly no-holds-barred skewering of Florida’s socio-economic shortcomings, and he doesn’t disappoint this month. Worthwhile read, and good food for thought.

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I’ve been feeling pretty shaggy all week, so when I finally couldn’t take it anymore, I headed for Tim’s Barber Shop today at lunchtime.

When I walked through the door, Tim the Barber was chatting away as usual, providing background noise more than substantive conversation. But he was unusually insistent that everyone in the joint pick up a copy of the hot-off-the-presses Weekly Planet.

It was then that I noticed the huge stack of Planet copies on one of the barber chairs. And a few copies strewn about in the waiting section. Something was afoot.

Tim said, “Turn to page 14.”

So I did. And there it was: The week’s “Urban Explorer” feature was devoted to Tim and his shop.

Obviously, he was proud as a peacock over the story. No doubt, he’s banking on the exposure resulting in a few new walk-ins. It’s always nice to see the effects the media spotlight has on someone.

Anyway, I got my lid trimmed. Even had my sideburns shaved down, which was bugging me more than anything (I think it’s time to ditch those, after several months of test-driving them). And the day simply flew from there.

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Basically, you cut the power to the Mac that’s got said iPod tethered to it for iTunes playback.

That’s what I did today at work, when I was attempting to further arrange my new office. As soon as I accidentally knocked the plug out of the wall outlet, I figured the iPod was going to be screwed up from not being ejected properly. Sure enough, it was: Most (but, strangely and without any apparent pattern, not all) of the songs on it wouldn’t play.

This has happened before, so it was no big deal. Once I got home tonight, I just wiped the iPod’s hard drive clean and reloaded it. I even took advantage of the situation to prune the song library, eliminating about a hundred tracks that I’d gotten thoroughly sick of hearing.

It was a workday full of the sounds of silence, though. The main reason I’d been using the iPod at work anyway was because I haven’t been able to find a spot to plug in the radio. I’ll have to resolve that shortly.

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A challenge to regular/long-time readers of this blog:

I’ve just made a subtle change to this page. Can you spot it?

First one with the right answer gets, oh… How about an mp3 from my collection emailed to them (we can figure out what you want and what I’ve got after you win).

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For you sports fans out there: Off Wing Opinion is temporarily out of commission. An email exchange with Off Wing proprietor Eric informs me that it’s due to technical circumstances beyond his control, and he’s working at getting things back to normal.

With all the hurricane decimation, it’s natural to start wondering when one of your regular blog visits suddenly goes dark. Thankfully, Off Wing does not originate anywhere near the Gulf Coast, so Eric himself is doing well. Hopefully, his blog will shortly follow.

UPDATE: Maybe this post brought a little luck, as Off Wing now appears to be back in business.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 09/01/2021 02:01pm
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