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Sunday, August 28, 2021

Do men with blue eyes live better lives? This hard-hitting report — citing Jude Law, Brad Pitt, Adam Grenier, and even the late Frank Sinatra — argues that blue-eyed gents use their peepers to score more with the ladies and glide to professional success.

Amy O’Connor, deputy editor at Prevention magazine, recalled her first date with her husband, [New York] Observer food writer Bryan Miller: a picnic along the Hudson River.

“He reached over to pour me a glass of wine and took off his glasses, and the sun was shining in his eyes, and they were so intensely blue-aqua, actually,” said Ms. O’Connor, 39. “I remember thinking, This is a beautiful man. I don’t think that that would have happened if he had brown eyes. They look like jewels. Women like baubles… I think the same thing that makes us like diamonds makes us like blue eyes.”

Ms. O’Connor suggested that Mr. Miller’s eye color had given him more breaks in life. “He never had to work very hard,” she said…

At least one man bragged that a sultry blink of his blue eyes greases the wheels at restaurants and nightclubs, sending him flying miraculously to the front of the line-like a genetically built-in, folded-up $20 bill.

Perhaps a 33-year-old (hazel-eyed) hedge-fund analyst named Ken put it best: “Blue eyes are like boobs for guys.”

Hmm. I wonder how Sinatra would have reacted to being called, “Old Boob-Eyes”?

From personal experience, I have a friend, Tom, who has very striking blue eyes, and he was certainly never hurting for women during his bachelorhood. Wasn’t too bad in business, either. So maybe there’s something to it.

If word of this gets out, get ready for some major copycatting:

Fuck the new black. If you want to be just like Jude Law and Brad Pitt — that is, score yourself some prime ass outside the confines of a committed relationship — go grab your color contacts and your sky blue Lacoste polo.

This brown-eyed guy is sold. I’ve already got the Lacoste shirt, so I’ll get me my colored contacts tomorrow! (Actually, I’d be curious to see just how they look…)

- Costa Tsiokos, Sun 08/28/2005 05:27:01 PM
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