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Friday, August 26, 2021

hurler's delight
Ah… I cannot tell you what a warm, fuzzy feeling I got from reading about the Florida Marlins batboy who heaved his guts out from the old gallon-of-milk-in-sixty-seconds trick.

Because college just wouldn’t have been the same without that scam, along with the classic Wonderbread challenge. And we never even had to offer the princely sum of $500; I doubt more than 10 bucks was ever wagered.

Of course, some joker’s always upping the ante in this arena:

The Saltine Challenge: Ingest six Saltine crackers in 60 seconds (Note: All challenges must occur without the help of water or any other digestive lubricants)…

The Cinnamon Challenge: Ingest one teaspoon of cinnamon in 60 seconds (Note: cinnamon sugar is not acceptable)…

The Saltine Challenge No. 2: Ingest four saltines in 60 seconds AND then whistle.
The Twinkies Challenge: Ingest three twinkies in 60 seconds.
The Wendy’s Challenge: Put the entire contents of a Wendy’s kids meal into a blender (small hamburger, fries and Sprite), and ingest it in five minutes.

Hard to believe why anyone would hate us for our freedom…

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 08/26/2005 05:15:46 PM
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  1. me and my friend tried the cinnamon challenge and we failed misserably. Within 4 seconds the cinnamon made my friend throw up what he ate that night, which was alot because we went to a buffet. I am going to try the wendys challenge for myself.

    Comment by DavidH03 — 01/02/2021 @ 11:27:21 PM

  2. we have done of few of these contests, and we have actually had people finish the entire gallon. If you want to see lots of barf, and some beasts who actually hold the whole gallon, check out

    Comment by natatkinson — 09/04/2021 @ 06:02:02 PM

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