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Sunday, August 21, 2021

Who wants to be an expert courtroom witness? I sure do:

But a good expert has more than expertise, and lawyers will spend considerable time getting to know potential witnesses to make sure they are clear and can hold up under questioning. A good expert witness, who can command $900 an hour or more, must be able to explain obscure subjects to a lay audience.

For 900 bucks an hour, I think I can find a way to dumb down my vast reserves of knowledge. Hell, what do you think I do on this blog?

In fact, I wonder if the legal community couldn’t make effective use of blogs as a resource for locating expert witnesses. It could be a way of mining for talent in especially obscure fields.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 08/21/2005 09:17pm
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I haven’t said anything about Burger King’s Coq Roq, brought to you by (of course) Crispin Porter + Bogusky. It’s been amusing, to be sure, just like most of CPB’s work on the account. But it hasn’t been noteworthy enough for me to comment.

Until now. Gimmicky real-life rockers Slipknot are suing BK and CPB, claiming the fictional Coq Roq is ripping them off.

BK is countersuing, with this argument:

The apparently hip BK counsel goes on to name check several other metal bands who wear masks whilst they bang their heads, including KISS , Marilyn Manson, Mudvayne, Gwar, Mushroomhead, Los Straightjackets, the Insane Clown Posse and the Spits.

Funny, GWAR was the first band to come to my mind when I heard about this.

Overall, it’s looking like the campaign is doing what it’s supposed to do: Generate low-level controversy. Between this, and the “Groupies Who Love Coq” episode (which I’d wager was orchestrated), those chicken fries are getting their due exposure.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 08/21/2005 08:54pm
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In an interview promoting The 40-Year-Old Virgin (which I caught this weekend; very funny, if a bit too long from a few scenes that easily could have been cut), Steve Carell says that he has a pat (though not necessarily true) answer to the question of his age when he lost his virginity: 17.

Why 17?

I say 17 only because it sounds like a good age for a male to have lost his virginity. If you go a lot older, people think there was something wrong because it hadn’t happened sooner. And if you go younger, it’s creepy. So 17 is the age I’m sticking with, even though I will never tell what it really was.

Whoa — younger than 17 is “creepy”? Was this guy raised in the Utah desert, or what?

If that’s somehow a widely-held view, then remind me to never disclose how old I was.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 08/21/2005 05:18pm
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Fellow Tampa Bayer DaveDorm has concocted a little blog appreciation society thing called “Blog It Forward”. He’s gone ahead and applied it to Population Statistic for this week. Much appreciated.

So who should I give the treatment to? Of course, I’d say my entire blogroll, stage left, is worthy of regular reading. And there are a few that I already refer to quite a bit.

But the purpose of Blog It Forward, of course, is to highlight one particular blog from that list. So, in that spirit:

YesButNoButYes: A quirky pop-art collective/collaborist kinda blog, with that East Village vibe that never fails to lure me in. Prime example of its quality: A look back at the famous alumni from The Groove Tube, including Richard Belzer and the pre-SNL Chevy Chase.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 08/21/2005 01:38pm
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Y’know, I could have sworn that today was my blogging birthday: Year Number One at this URL, and Year Number Three overall.

But I wasn’t paying attention. August 19th, a couple of days ago, was the actual start date. And as you can see, I neglected to mark the milestone.

Part of the reason was that I was particularly busy that day anyway (inside tip: any time I post that early in the morning, it means I’m doing so only because I probably won’t have time later on that day or night). But I think the main reason I got the dates confused was because today is my brother’s birthday; and I guess I somehow convinced myself that both occasions fell on the same day.

I think my blog will forgive the faux pas.

As for my brother: Happy Birthday, Bill (don’t count on me getting used to Basil, at least not just yet). You should be used to being in your 30s by now; so you’ll have to find another marker to commemorate today. Hope you’re celebrating the way you want.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 08/21/2005 08:21am
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