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Wednesday, August 17, 2021

So often, timing is everything in media.

Here’s the headline that graced the cover of this week’s tbt*, released today:

SOUTH BEACH: Party like P. Diddy with our insider’s guide

Nice. Except: He’s no longer “P. Diddy”, having dropped the “P.” and going simply with “Diddy”.

He certainly gives a cogent reason for the streamlining:

“I felt the ‘p’ was coming between me and my fans.” He further explained the problem in an article for the New York Post. “I went to a concert in Madison Square Garden last year and the crowd started to chant my name,” he said. “Let’s just say the name P. Diddy didn’t quite flow. I realized immediately I had a problem.”

So for those of you who’ve still be calling Mr. Combs “Puff Daddy”, you’re now officially two steps back. I’m thinking his next step will be to drop the “iddy”, and go with just “D”. Can’t get more basic than that.

As for tbt*… At first look, I felt it was something of a behind-the-curve boner — an especially grievous error for a publication that wants to be “with it”. Someone later pointed out to me that it might not be as bad as all that: In fact, because most people wouldn’t be familiar with the fresh re-Diddying, omitting the familiar “P.” would be perceived as an error. That sorta makes sense… but really, it’s not much of a save. The situation was unavoidable, given press schedules; but I guess it’s not much of a much.

Oh, the referring article? Looks decent. It’s been years since I’ve hit South Beach, so I can’t verify much of it. Crobar is always good; and I got a cool tshirt to remember it by.

- Costa Tsiokos, Wed 08/17/2005 09:40:42 PM
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  1. P. Diddy dropped the P. Snoop Doggy Dogg dropped the Doggy. Does that mean “Doggy P” is available?

    Comment by tommy — 08/18/2005 @ 09:55:06 AM

  2. It certainly is. I’d register that URL domain if I were you!

    Comment by CT — 08/18/2005 @ 09:56:39 AM

  3. That is just retarded. There is too much going on in Tampa that isn’t even touched for a publication called TAMPA BAY times to start hollerin’ about Miami.

    And how is Diddy the ultimate partier or particularly associated with Miami? If you asked me to pick a rapper to associate with Miami, first I’d say Trina, who put MIA on the hip-hop map with Diamond Princess, then I’d say Pit Bull, then I’d say Will Smith, but even he doesn’t count - he just had that cheesy “I’m the Boy J.Lo” song about it however many years ago.

    I saw the cover today, and it’s the first tbt* I haven’t picked up in a long time, bc. what’s the point?

    Comment by r* — 08/18/2005 @ 07:00:47 PM

  4. Shows how a cover can make or break a publication, if it caused you to pass on it.

    I guess Will Smith comes to mind first as rapper::Miami. I think a real breakout superstar out of South FLA, ala Nelly from St. Louis or Ludacris from Atlanta, has yet to materialize; when s/he does, it’ll be bigtime.

    Comment by CT — 08/18/2005 @ 10:40:40 PM

  5. Trina’s Diamond Princess is actually a fantastic album, but it came out at the same time that Lil Kim started acting like an idiot ho, and Trina got lumped into some gangsta slut category with her. Very sad that such talent should be so underappreciated, bc. the girl is fly. And MIA to the core.

    Comment by r* — 08/20/2005 @ 11:32:22 PM

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