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Monday, August 15, 2021

up next, next upNice cover, huh? It represents what I’ve been working like a dog on for the past month or so. The 2005-2006 Florida Trend’s NEXT is online, in a site re-launch that has been characterized as “anticlimactic”. Which is good, overall, because it means I didn’t mess up my first major site re-boot. I’ll take it.

NEXT is one of several publications from Trend Magazines. As de facto webmaster for the joint, I took on NEXT’s web chores when the magazine’s editor left. I can’t say it’s been easy, but it’s been managable.

I particularly like the green cover, and the subsequent green theme for the site. I can’t take direct credit for it, but since green is my favorite color, I’ll happily accept it. I’ve taken great pleasure in telling everyone within earshot that the NEXT site “went green” today — a nice variation over the basic “live”.

I’d recommend the site’s articles to anyone interested. Since the content is aimed at Florida teenagers looking at options for life after high school, I guess the engaged audience is probably fairly narrow.

But there’s a good mix of articles, even for general interest. One that stands out is “I Work for Me”, which features Blake Ross of Mozilla Firefox development fame (which scored the February 2005 cover of Wired). The Florida connection: Ross is a Miami boy, and worked with Mozilla while still in high school at Miami Gulliver Prep. (In a weird. minor coincidence, the image I swiped for use in my recent post about Cinnamon Toast Crunch happened to be found on Ross’ personal site.)

Carrying on that South Florida theme, for the hoops fans, there’s a nice feature on the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade. And yes, I had to keep an eagle-eye out for the misspellings of the unconventional “D-W-Y-A-N-E” (pronounced “dwane”, for those that don’t know); the Spanish translator even joined in the inevitable transposition of the Y and A. So enjoy. (If I have my way, next year’s featured athlete will be a hockey player — mark it!)

I’ve been joking with people all weekend that, for as much as I’ve reviewed Spanish translations for the site re-launch, I ought to be fluent in the language — again (I actually became quite adept in Spanish back in high school, making the Spanish Honor Society; but I gave it up after junior year, and forgot it all real quick). That hasn’t quite come off, unfortunately. But it’s been fun trying to decipher the espanol.

In any case, the main part of this big project is done. I’m ready for a day or two of relaxation as a result.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 08/15/2005 09:32pm
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