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Tuesday, August 09, 2021

What do you need to know about London-based graphic consultancy The Design Conspiracy? Just this: The blurb on their website that says,


Here’s another thing: Their “What Brand Are You?” website, which generates a personal brand-name for you based upon your defining your “core value” and “main goal”.

I couldn’t tell you what either quotient is for me. And the options to choose from on the site are pretty unusual. Just for the heck of it, I went with “thrusting” (how could I resist that?) and “conspiracy”, respectively.

The result? Huius, which denotes “with ultimate care”. A £100-million value! (Could I maybe get that in dollars instead, or at least euros?)

I have a strong feeling this is the final piece of my world-domination puzzle.

(Via HolyCow)

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The online and offline worlds intersected today, as I met Tommy from Sticks of Fire for lunch. I invited him to my work turf so he could claim his prize: local author James Reese’s “The Book of the Spirits”, from my first-ever book giveaway.

Tom, a rock-solid Tampan, must have really wanted that book to have ventured to downtown St. Pete. ;)

We took a stroll down to Tangelo’s Grille, the finest Cuban joint in the ‘Burg. We proceeded to exchange notes on the macro- and micro-workings of blogging over plates of mole chicken and Ybor sub, with a basket of sweet potato fries.

It was a good time. It’s always interesting to finally connect the face with the name. Tommy is one of the few local bloggers I’ve gone on to meet in the flesh; I’m on a lucky streak as far as the experience being a positive one.

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don't be hatin'
Amid frequent concerns over the privacy implications behind widespread Googling, the namesake search engine has been laissez faire. “Shit happens” has pretty much been the official motto; the Internet is wide-open, there are no secrets, so get used to it. And that goes for Gmail, too.

That mantra doesn’t seem to apply to Google execs, though. In the wake of a CNET article where Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s personal-but-Googlable life details were revealed as a potent example of how no one can hide online, the search engine has retaliated by refusing to speak to any CNET reporter for a full year.

I think we can safely toss that “don’t be evil” claptrap out the window. It sure didn’t take long for that IPO to go to their corporate heads.

Not only does The Register aptly label this move as a “hissy fit”, it also nicely sums up why it’s ultimately counterproductive and establishes a poor reputation for the Mountain View-based company:

The move is likely to backfire on two counts. Google isn’t alone in amassing one of the world’s largest databases of personal information and behavior - as Yahoo! and Microsoft have too. But the retaliation against the news site is only likely to focus more attention to Google’s often contemptuous attitude to press and analyst scrutiny (on its first ever financial analyst day the company offered its chef, but not its CFO) and puts its privacy issues firmly in the spotlight.

Secondly, Google’s official PR statements typically fall into two categories: the useless and the downright misleading. (We discovered that the hard way, when a promise to deliver a written news policy for its Google News aggregator made one Friday had vaporized by the following Monday; to this day Google has never made a public policy statement of its criteria for including sources in Google News).

By dispensing with the obligatory Google spin, CNET may be emboldened to take an even more critical look at the company.

I guess I’d better lay off, before Google decides to blacklist this blog, and all my traffic fizzles away…

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