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Friday, August 05, 2021

who's your papa
I’m guessing this panel from a 1939 Bob Kane and Bill Finger Batman story was crafted before the debut of Robin the Boy Wonder. Just a hunch.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be a doctored piece of Photoshop. But it’s funny… Not early Wonder Woman dom-bondage-fetish funny, but funny nonetheless.

(Via a bright red snowflake)

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 08/05/2021 09:14pm
Category: Pop Culture
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I’m going to have to remind myself to avoid El Cap in the future. It doesn’t make much sense to gorge myself on a super-greasy plate of burger and fries when it results in me running to the bathroom a half-hour later to expunge it, and leaves me with a sick feeling for the rest of the day.

Besides which, the place truly is overhyped. The food’s nothing special, and the no-free-refills thing got old ten years ago. The atmosphere and decor are fine, with that old-timey mom-and-pop sportsbar feel; but the rest of it doesn’t measure up.

I’m well aware that my lunching companions today will be reading this eventually, and probably consider this critique heresy. But I gotta call it like I see it.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 08/05/2021 08:54pm
Category: Florida Livin', Food
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