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Wednesday, August 03, 2021

Spied while on the road, somewhere in mid-Pinellas County, on a truck from a septic-tank repair business:

Straight Flush Septic Services — A Straight Flush Beats a FULL HOUSE

Granted, it’s a natural; and it certainly isn’t unique. But it’s catchy, and memorable. I don’t even play or like poker (which pits me against a rising popular and social tide lately), and I can appreciate it.

Note: For reasons well-known to most bloggers out there, “poker” is a common comment-spammer word, and therefore on this blog’s spam-blocking list. So any comment you try to make with that word in it will get automatically rejected, unfortunately. I can’t change this, but if you want to chime in, feel free to think of creative ways to express yourself without using said word. That should be fun!

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 08/03/2021 07:01pm
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One thing I’ll never comprehend: Couples who opt to use a joint email address. So instead of Husband having his own personal address, and Wifey having hers, they share a single “HubbyAndWife@aol.com” (and odds are usually good it is America Online users who do this).

I’ve run into a couple of them today, so it brought it to mind. I don’t know how widespread the practice is. Also don’t know what the likeliest demographic profile would be for this behavior; maybe older, definitely not power Web users… Perhaps operating under a mindset that the household’s email address should be a shared commodity, like the house landline telephone? (Meaning they either don’t have wireless phones, or perhaps, sticking to the model, sharing just one.)

I realize some people are so goo-goo-ga-ga attached-at-the-hip that they’ve long ago stopped thinking of themselves as existing outside their romantic relationship. Maybe each partner is so insecure about the other’s actions that they can’t stand the thought of either getting your-eyes-only correspondence, leading to “secrets”. Which leads to divorce, of course. Gawd.

But that’s the cynic in me talking. Perhaps some people don’t want the clutter of more than one address, and use email so infrequently that it doesn’t faze them to share their inbox. Probably cuts down on spam, too.

On the other hand, get real. And sign up for an individual email account, already. Heck, I’ve got 50 Gmail invitations to give away — I’ll gladly help you liberate yourself.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 08/03/2021 06:50pm
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