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Tuesday, July 26, 2021

It’s interesting that, at the same time that TV Guide abandons its decades-long digest-size format as part of a general relevance-seeking revamping, fellow pocket-sizer Reader’s Digest is celebrating its 1,000th issue and brags about how its physical format is part of its appeal.

Classic half-empty-half-full perception.

I don’t blame Gemstar-TV Guide for making a very necessary overhaul. It wasn’t delivering to advertisers nor readers by sticking with the listings in the age of digital guides. And if they’re going to morph their title into another Entertainment Weekly, then a larger format is the way to go for showing off color photos and such.

Still, I think the broad-based success of Reader’s Digest attests to the attainable advantages of an irregular-sized bound magazine package. (I’m still a bit surprised to be reminded of RD’s popularity among teens.)

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 07/26/2005 09:54:02 PM
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The big story is that the University of Florida has rolled out podcasts on its media website.

As with anything relating to podcasting, I’m not particularly thrilled with the potential devolution in communication that this move represents.

The not-so-big story is that UF’s news site, a very slick-looking piece of work, is powered by WordPress. As is this here blog, and countless others.

Using WordPress for non-blogging purposes is often a hot topic, so I figured I’d highlight this instance. Adoption by a major university is always a strong sign.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 07/26/2005 09:27:41 PM
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On the way back from lunch, I stepped into an elevator whose LED display was on the fritz. Instead of clearly showing which floor the car was on and passing, it was reduced to a few electric-blue dots that shifted (seemingly) randomly.

As another person stepped on-board, I pointed to the display and remarked, “Be careful — it’s reading out Klingon numerals for floor numbers.”

That got a chuckle. Then, my fellow traveller said, “Nah, it looks more like braille.” (Not surprising that this should come to mind, as all the building’s elevators do, in fact, have braille guides on them.)

“Yeah,” I replied. “Light braille! Easier to see!”

Elevator humor — priceless.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 07/26/2005 02:21:30 PM
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