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Friday, July 08, 2021

Just a quickie note of goodbye and well-wishes to my officemate for these past four(!) years, Jamie Cataldo. She’s been the editor of Florida Trend’s NEXT, possibly the coolest mag aimed at highschoolers ever — due in no small part to her efforts.

Jamie is joining Tampa Bay Watch as communications director, helping that organization get the word out on the importance of stewardship for Florida’s largest open-water estuary. Judging from the current state of the media release section of their site — the last missive dates from late 2004 — it looks like they can definitely use her skills.

Dragging myself into the office Monday mornings was made infinitely easier knowing that Jamie would be within earshot, chatting away on subjects as rangey as infectious pop music that inexplicably gets stuck in your head, to the joys of cooking and eating soup. And somehow, she managed to accomplish a hundred tasks at once (and even landed a cover photo on tbt*).

It won’t be the same without her around. Thankfully, TB Watch’s offices aren’t all that far away (she’s going to be practically on the beach), and she’ll be coming back around for the short term as the upcoming edition of NEXT goes to press. She’s been a blast to hang with, through good and bad, and I’ll miss her immensely. If I ever had had a little sister, I’d like to think she’d have been a lot like Jamie.

- Costa Tsiokos, Fri 07/08/2021 05:16:50 PM
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Super skirts. Super skirts.

They’re super-skirt-ay. Yeah-ow.

The series of Old Navy TV spots that spoofed pop music hits from the ’80s and ’90s made me alternately giggle and cringe. I wasn’t too crazy about seeing a Go-Go’s tune repurposed into a tanktop-selling jingle, for instance.

Still, when they took their turn on Rick James’ classic “Super Freak”, I had a strong feeling that that particular desecration would effectively kill off the campaign for good.

Turns out I was right, at least so far. The “Super Skirts” spot was the last one in that campaign to run, and it stopped playing several weeks ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if they revive it in the near future, probably with a fresh set of songs; but for now, it’s over.

- Costa Tsiokos, Fri 07/08/2021 04:54:22 PM
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