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Monday, June 27, 2021

I lucked out late last week and got my hands on a couple of primo DVD sets that are not yet in general release. Both are viewing/review copies, but, save for some last-minute post-production, look pretty much like finished products:

“The Alan Partridge Experience” - Five four discs’ worth of talk-show spoofing, in the vein of “Primetime Glick” — only, y’know, actually funny. About a hundred times funnier. I’d compare it to that other superb send-up of the talk-show arena, “The Larry Sanders Show”, except that the action is confined completely to the on-camera action. Which is plenty good, actually.

This show has developed a cult following, especially among BBC America addicts. I’ve never seen it before, and only heard little bits about it. I’ve watched only four episodes so far — all from “Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge”, the original incarnation of the Partridge character — but I’m pretty much in love with it right now.

Special bonus: It displays loads of those cheesy TV theme music scores, that only the British seem to be able to execute. I especially liked the ABBA medley the intrepidly goofy host co-sings in the third episode.

“30 Days” - Morgan Spurlock‘s television parlay from Super Size Me. I’d seen the promos, and thought the social experiment laboratory format looked interesting. But I knew I’d never actually make time to catch it, so when I saw this disc, I grabbed it.

It’s got the first three episodes, dealing with: Living on minimum wage; embarking upon an age-fighting regimen; and living as a Muslim in America. I haven’t gotten a chance to watch more than the first half of the minimum wage segment. It looks promising, for nothing more than questions it’s intended to stimulate.

If anyone else has gotten a gander at either of these gems, comment away.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 06/27/2005 09:54pm
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So, it’s been over a month since the St. Petersburg Times started gathering Tampa Bay blog URLs. There’s still time to submit yours (or email it direct).

What the heck is taking them so long to publish this directory? I can’t believe they need this much time to sort through all the area’s bloggers. Discounting all the throwaway Blogger/Xanga/LiveJournal entries, there can’t be more than two or three dozen active bloggers between here and Brooksville. Let’s get on with it!

(And yes, I am impatient for the expected traffic boost that should come from exposure in Florida’s largest newspaper. Call me greedy.)

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 06/27/2005 08:56pm
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In an annual effort to inject new blood into the ranks, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences sent 112 people invitations to become Oscar voters.

Mine must have gotten lost in the mail. Hey, it happens — maybe next year!

But plenty of Hollywood stars were among the chosen, including Jamie Foxx and Will Ferrell. Making the whole process seem more than a little like a big, fraternal circle-jerk, really. Must be why I don’t watch the Oscars in the first place…

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 06/27/2005 05:43pm
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