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Sunday, June 19, 2021

Does the average girl daydream about being a stripper? Wonder about a) Whether she’d get up enough nerve to actually bare all in some seedy joint, and b) If she had the bod to rake in the big bucks?

Outside the fanatically puritanical, I’m guessing most women wonder about it every once in a while. Jibes well with the overarching body issues we all have.

Some go farther than others: Nerve.com’s Rev. Jen Miller stripped for science, and came away with her soul (barely) intact.

The scientific process was well-displayed during the devising of a stage name:

“The first thing you need is a stripper name,” Velocity told me. “I’m thinking you would make a good Trinity. It’s innocent, but also a little freaky.”

The religious connotations of that seemed pompous, so I asked friends for suggestions. Among their brainstorms were Hamburger McFlapsalot, Shecky Titsberger, Polaka Clitskowski, Clitsy McLabe, Carrie Bigpee, Coco, Georgina, Cozy, Misty, Windy, Jovi, Willa, Lickety Split, Fancy, Jean, Louis Elfesteem and Benedicta (in honor of the new pope). After much consideration, I chose Trinity.

I don’t think a stripper named Trinity would do it for me. Reminds me too much of The Matrix, and that would remind me too much of Keanu, and that would just kill the mood before it got started.

(Posted ahead of time, during my travel to New York)

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 06/19/2005 04:17pm
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