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Thursday, May 26, 2021

typical blogger
Feel The Hulk’s pain at his blog (also known as Hulk’s Diary That Is On The Internet).

I wonder how he can type with those gargantuan green fingers? With all the angsty stuff he writes, I can only imagine how overwrought he frequently gets, leading to many a smashed keyboard.

A personal note to Hulk: Notice the nice green decor on this site, big guy. You’re welcome to chill out here anytime. And don’t worry: Other Hulk is nowhere to be found.

(Via Let Me Make My Point(e))

- Costa Tsiokos, Thu 05/26/2005 08:54:19 PM
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  1. How could I not visit a blog by The Incredible Hulk. I can’t believe the number comments he gets (Governor Conan, Grey Hulk, She-Hulk, et al). I would venture that 9 out of 10 would find no amusement in this site but I must be the one that is easily amused. The funniest part is the hulk “voice” in my head when I read his blog entries. Just so you know I don’t hear a “CT” voice when I read your stuff.

    Comment by Hunk Oman — 05/27/2005 @ 10:30:22 AM

  2. Does that “Hulk voice” sound like Lou Ferrigno, by chance?

    You know, “Hunk” — you’re just one letter away from being a “Hulk” yourself… You should definitely add to the comment swarm over there. Your name will stand out!

    Comment by CT — 05/27/2005 @ 10:37:21 AM

  3. Funny you ask… It actually doesn’t and after 15 minutes of trying to determine who’s voice it was I decided that it sounded most like Phil Hartman’s Frankenstein voice from SNL.

    Comment by The Incredible Hunk Oman — 05/27/2005 @ 10:55:32 AM

  4. Bah, more than one Hulk around.
    Better for SMASHING!

    Comment by Other Hulk Blog — 05/28/2005 @ 01:43:54 AM

  5. YEEAGGHH! It’s not just his reflection: There really is an Other Hulk!

    Comment by CT — 05/28/2005 @ 02:47:19 PM

  6. […] t me. I’m looking forward to the Big Green Machine reminiscing about this episode on his own blog. - Costa Tsiokos, Sun 06/12/2021 07:36:50 PM Ca […]

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    If The Hulk can do it, then so can everyone’s favorite Wookie.
    The official name is UUUHHHGGG-rrrr!, but I prefer to call it the Chewbaccablog. Granted, it’s a bit of a struggle to read. But dig deep enough, and you’ll find some com…

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 02/02/2021 @ 06:59:27 PM

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