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Monday, May 23, 2021

Newly-minted Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte is setting up shop by recruiting from the spookiest of spook haunts:

John Negroponte’s early moves since taking over as the nation’s intelligence director last month indicate he is focusing on one particular element of America’s spy apparatus: the CIA’s highly secretive clandestine service.

My first-flash thought when I read “highly secretive clandestine service”: Isn’t the entire Central Intelligence Agency, as defined by its mission, a clandestine service?

Beyond that, these early indications tell me that the new National Intelligence office is going to be nothing more than an administrative extension of the CIA, thereby giving that agency more clout for interdepartmental turf battles. Since the DNI was intended to be set above and apart from the various intelligence agencies in Washington, it appears early concerns that it would develop into an unneeded governmental layer had validity.

- Costa Tsiokos, Mon 05/23/2005 09:00:32 AM
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