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Thursday, May 19, 2021

Lo and behold: One month after I posted a look at the monthly household media-related expenditures for 1975 compared to 2005, Wired magazine’s Mark Robinson does his own version of 2005’s numbers.

Did Robinson swipe from me? Well, no. Magazine production schedules being what they are, the May issue of Wired was finding its way to newsstands just as I was typing out my immortal ponderings. If anything, the chances are better that I did the lifting; but of course, I didn’t (as I mentioned, I had the idea months ago, but never got around to posting anything until April — had I gotten off my lazy butt earlier, I might have had a case for being wronged).

So anyway, how do our conclusions compare? Robinson’s grand total comes to $243.78, mine to $365 — a gap of more than 120 smackers.

I was playing fairly off-the-cuff, freely admitting I didn’t do any research on what was just some mental exercise. I stand by it, because I think it was pretty close to the average household usage stats. Robinson’s laundry list is far more geek-specific:

Cable or satellite TV (Comcast gold package): $87.94

Broadband Internet access (SBC DSL): $19.99

Voice-over IP phone service (Vonage Premium Plan): $24.99

Mobile phone and data service (Cingular): $39.98 Satellite radio (Sirius): $12.95

Streaming music service (Rhapsody): $9.95

Mobile headlines (SPOT watch): $9.95

DVR service (TiVo): $12.95

DVD service (Netflix): $17.99

Online news site (Salon): $2.92

Online game (X Box Live): $4.17

Mobile headlines? Please; there are about, what, 6 people in the world who actually subscribe to that? I guess it balances out the absence of traditional media (magazines, newspapers, etc.).

The upshot’s still the same: It’s damned expensive to be fully plugged-in today. But on the plus side, you’re in on practically all the jokes.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 05/19/2005 10:03:13 PM
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mickey mouse club
I’d heard about this a while ago, but only today confirmed it: Fergie, current estrogen-injection for Black Eyed Peas (and future solo artist, predictably) got her start in the bowels of Disney, on the latter-day “Kids Incorporated”.

Yup, just like Justin, just like Britney, and just like Christina/Xtina. They all sprang from the same industry womb, as it were.

So, is anyone going to do a WMD-style housecleaning of Disney? Seems warranted.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 05/19/2005 07:23:03 PM
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