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Wednesday, May 11, 2021

you wear it well
Pining for the days of NFL coaches who actually look like head coaches, patrolling the sidelines in their no-nonsense business suits and fedoras, ala Tom Landry?

Well, it ain’t gonna happen, and not just because of the predictable league-wide copycat effect from having, arguably, the two worst-dressed coaches of all reaching the Super Bowl this year. Rather, athletic-wear maker Reebok has a multi-million dollar deal to outfit the NFL’s skippers — and since Reebok doesn’t make suits, that means it’s t-shrts and sweats all the way.

How did the shift from three-piece suit to loungewear start in the first place?

According to lore, the tipping point came in 1986, when then-Jets coach Joe Walton came out for a Monday night game against the Dolphins wearing an ugly green sweater with the team’s name emblazoned on the chest. Callers flooded the Jets’ switchboard the next day asking where they could buy one. Now that supply has caught up with demand, both the coaches and the fans in the stands look as though they came to the stadium right after mowing the lawn.

So blame the Jets for the sloppy look. It’s bad enough they inflicted a season of Lou Holtz on the NFL…

- Costa Tsiokos, Wed 05/11/2021 03:33:49 PM
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