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Monday, April 18, 2021

Today’s the day for Catholicdom, as the Cardinals start conclavin’ to select a new head honcho.

Coincidentally — or, perhaps, not so much so — today’s scientific community is wondering when they can look for the next Albert Einstein, 100 years after the past century’s most famous brain was born.

I see huge, huge synergy here.

Why not kill two birds with one stone? In a bold move to embrace the scientific world and reconcile it with the spiritual, the Catholic Church should select a Pope who is also an advanced physicist! It’d be the ultimate papacy for the 21st Century.

Of course, Einstein was a Jew. Maybe the Cardinals can overlook that aspect when selecting their superscientific Pope. But his well-rounded education would have made him an excellent Bishop of Rome, and perhaps should be included in the requisites for the next candidate:

Education is different, too. One crucial aspect of Einstein’s training that is overlooked, says Notre Dame science historian Don Howard, is the years of philosophy he read as a teenager — Kant, Schopenhauer and Spinoza. It taught him how to think independently and abstractly about space and time, Howard says.

And he was an accomplished musician. The interplay between music and math is well-known. Einstein would furiously play his violin as a way to think through a knotty physics problem.

It’s worth a shot. Is Stephen Hawking Catholic?

- Costa Tsiokos, Mon 04/18/2005 10:38:24 AM
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  1. Einstein was a Jew. So’s Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger, whose PaddyPower odds of being elected are 9:1. So, for that matter, was Peter.

    While my opinion doesn’t count for anything, I like your idea. Having more religious authorities with an understanding of both the spiritual and the physical can only be good. Best of luck on that — how long did it take the Holy See to pardon Galileo?

    Comment by Avi — 04/19/2005 @ 10:36:12 AM

  2. Well, maybe next time. And considering that Benedict XVI (nee Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger) is 78, “next time” might not be so far off.

    Comment by Avi — 04/19/2005 @ 01:54:02 PM

  3. This Pope is German; that’s kinda Einsteinian (although I believe Einstein more or less renounced his German identity, understandably so).

    Comment by CT — 04/19/2005 @ 05:46:25 PM

  4. […] terego Cliff Claven). I guess the world will have to wait for the next papal go-round for a more scientific, Einstein-like Pope. Although considering that this guy […]

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