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Thursday, March 24, 2021

The Terri Schiavo case has been making major headlines of late, thanks in no small part to plenty of blog attention.

Of course, Shiavo’s story began a long time ago — 15 years ago, when Terri slipped into her coma and the first article about her appeared in the St. Petersburg Times.

Back then, her “last hope” of a brain-stimulator transplant had her seemingly on a road to recovery. I guess it’s been 15 years of “last hopes” since then.

The Schiavo story hits close to home for me, strictly proximity-wise. Terri was interned in 1990 at College Harbor. That’s literally next door to Eckerd College, which I was attending at that very same time (in fact, Eckerd owned College Harbor back then). Fast forward to the present day: Schiavo’s current location in Pinellas Park is maybe 15 minutes away from my front door. It was a local story long before it became a high-profile national one; I doubt most people in the Tampa Bay area were actively aware of it, but the Schiavos would periodically appear in the news as the situation evolved over the years, and I sure knew about it.

You’d think that would warrant some thoughts on this blog. It hasn’t, for a few reasons. For one, mere physical proximity doesn’t grant me any special proprietary rights; I don’t know any of the players, and aside from general awareness of the history, I don’t have any in-depth knowledge of the case. Beyond that, I generally try to keep it light around here, and this isn’t a light subject.

I haven’t done a thorough once-over, but I haven’t noticed any of the other Tampa Bay blogs out there saying much about it either. I’m sure they have their reasons too.

I do have some thoughts on the whole thing, but now’s not the time to reveal them. Once the whole thing comes to a conclusion — which appears to be only a few days away — I’ll speak up.

- Costa Tsiokos, Thu 03/24/2005 11:05:18 PM
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One of my favorite all-purpose jokes involves popular instrumental-only songs. Whenever someone mentions how much they like something by, say, Kenny G (whose entire repertoire, as far as I know, consists of instrumental numbers), I shoot back with, “Right, right… What are the lyrics to that one again?” Ha. And ha.

There are a lot of television theme songs that are especially fair game for this little zinger. The themes for “SportsCenter” and “Hawaii Five-O” are probably at the top of the list.

Another is the theme for “The Odd Couple” (which was practically identical to the preceding movie). But lo and behold, it turns out there are lyrics for that iconic tune:

No matter where they go
They are known as the couple.
They’re never seen alone
So they’re known as the couple.

As I’ve indicated
They are never quite separated,
They are peas in a pod.
Don’t you think that it’s odd?

Their habits, I confess
None can guess, with the couple.
If one says no it’s yes
More or less, with the couple.

But they’re laugh provoking
Yet they really don’t know they’re joking.
Don’t you find, when love is blind
It’s kind of odd.

Ugh! These were written for the movie version, but never used. They were never used for the TV show either. No big mystery as to why.

Producer Garry Marshall once said that the show’s lack of success was attributed to audiences’ suspicion about Felix’s and Oscar’s sexual orientations. Had these lyrics ever aired, I don’t think there’d have been any doubt the roommates were gay.

- Costa Tsiokos, Thu 03/24/2005 10:09:06 PM
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Any readers out there blogging on TypePad, and/or know about its inner workings?

I was having a devil of a time trying to send trackback pings to a couple of TypePad-powered blogs yesterday; I wasn’t able to get them through, despite several retries and using two different computers/Internet connnections. I finally did get them to go through, but only by using HaloScan’s trackbacking utility — and even then, it took over a minute to do it. Just curious if there’s anything wonky about TypePad’s pinging ability.

- Costa Tsiokos, Thu 03/24/2005 09:11:51 PM
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