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Wednesday, February 16, 2021

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When Donald Trump graced Tampa with his newest high-rise development, I figured the biggest benefit to The Big Guava would be simple association with The Donald’s magic touch.

That’s very much the case. Otherwise, there’s scant chance that Tampa would be the centerpiece in a USA Today piece about the rise of luxury condo towers across the country.

Much like landing a major pro sports franchise, getting Donald Trump to put his imprint in your ‘hood signifies that you’re bigtime. The surface logic is that, if Trump deems the area to have deep enough pockets for him to operate, then it’s good enough for other higher-end endeavours.

There remains some skepticism about the Tampa Bay area’s worthiness:

[Tampa Downtown Partnership president Christine] Burdick discounts questions about whether there are enough people here who can afford Trump Tower Tampa. “There is money in this area,” she says. “There are people who want to invest in a quality housing product.”

This is in line with the theory that most of the Trump units are being bought up by out-of-town investors. Doubtless that’s part of the market; but according to real estate agent Toni Everett, that’s not who’s driving the initial buy-ups:

“We thought most of the reservations would be coming from out of town, but it’s been mostly local or from the surrounding areas,” said Everett, as she raced to fax the reservation agreement to New York. “Out-of-towners have shown interest, but it was all reserved before they could sign up.”

If reservation-holders become residents when the Trump project is completed in about three years, the high-rise will be occupied by young to middle-age business people, some of whom have moved from as nearby as Harbour Island. Everett said none of her buyers have been retirees, and only a handful intend to use it as an investment.

It’s been a low-level secret that plenty of money resides on Florida’s Gulf Coast. A lot of it belongs to retirees, but there’s a growing younger class that’s developing its own prosperity. They’re actively looking for ways to invest that cash, and they don’t necessarily want to invest out of the area.

Could this area truly be ready for primetime? Ready or not, Trump’s seal of approval is accelerating the arrival.

- Costa Tsiokos, Wed 02/16/2005 10:51:08 PM
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  1. Investing in new construction is a pretty safe bet around here. People that buy in early could double their money by doing nothing other than just waiting for the thing to be built. They might never see the inside of it, they just want to put their ca$h somewhere where it will grow.

    You could do worse than putting it into a Trump condo..hey, maybe that should be his new slogan!

    Comment by The Belt — 02/19/2005 @ 07:25:32 AM

  2. now if you meant Tulsa…
    …article in USA Today highlighting the Trump Tower Tampa, and reporting on the popularity of high-rise living. The main thrust…

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    About a year ago, Donald Trump graced Tampa Bay with his Trump Tower Tampa condo project. The coming of The Donald and his real estate machinations brought hopes of high-roller cache for the Bay, which were foretold by a touch of national exposure ov…

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