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Tuesday, February 15, 2021

Enviropundit is excited about her new antique-styled CD player.

As well she should be, despite my smart-ass comment:

CD player? That alone is quaintly antique, to me.

Does anyone make antique-style MP3 players? I’d like find a nice woodgrain-finished iPod…

Hey, don’t scoff. Once upon a time, all home electronics (namely, televisions and radios) came encased in the finest of woodworked craftsmanship. Heck, even the first mass-marketed videogame console sported that woodgrain design.

The reasoning was sound enough: These items resided in your home, alongside your furniture, so they should have had a “homey” look. It might not make sense to our presently cold plasti-metallic industrial design paradigm, but that’s how it was.

You can find popular examples of faux-retro design for modern devices. Take the Pokia telephone handset, for instance. I’m not sure I’d call it chic, but it’s definitely different.

And if you ask me, those Zen Micro MP3 players (iPod wannabes, basically) have too much of a retro look: Their ugly-ass touchpad interfaces are quite reminiscent of the old-fashioned television “clicker” remote controls. In the world of retro-styling, woodgrain is good, clunky plastic is not.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 02/15/2005 11:51:48 PM
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It’s bloggin’ time on Charlie Rose tonight. Tonight’s show will be “A Discussion About Blogs” and have some heavy hitters at the table:

- Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit

- Ana Marie Cox, Wonkette

- Andrew Sullivan, AndrewSullivan.com

- Joe Trippi, JoeTrippi.com (and former Presidential Campaign Manager for Howard Dean)

Now that Charlie Rose has acknowledged it, I guess this blogs thing is here to stay…

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 02/15/2005 11:49:49 PM
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So I’ve been catching Dennis Miller doing his TV commercials for NetZero.

The former comedian isn’t funny in these spots. I mean, it’s not that he comes off as not being funny; he’s not even trying to be funny. He’s playing it as a totally straight pitchman.

What’s the point in hiring a funnyman to sell your product if he doesn’t do it funny? I’ve always found Miller to be more smarmy than genuinely funny, even back to his “Saturday Night Live” days. But there’s barely a trace of even that in his NetZero role.

Maybe he can’t help it. I’d heard that going conservative means you kiss your sense of humor goodbye; I guess Miller is living proof.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 02/15/2005 10:52:46 PM
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I know where I’m eating this weekend: McDonald’s!

What would possess me to suddenly go all Morgan Spurlock, when I haven’t eaten any of that crap in years?

Free food, baby. The big-M-to-the-little-c-big-D is doing an ambitious giveaway of its Chicken Selects strips, starting this Thursday. How can you beat it?

Well, the fine print is where you beat it:

One Chicken Selects strip and one sauce per person per visit. In store only. At participating McDonald’s. While supplies last.

They’re giving away one, one, chicken strip. A single. That basically amounts to a taste sample, the same as what you’d get while strolling through a mall food court. Not exactly a meal, or even much of a snack.

What’s more, you have to physically drag your ass into the restaurant. That means no drivethru, which is certainly my preferred interaction with fast-food joints.

The marketing objective is obvious: McDonald’s draws people into their locations so they can be exposed to the rest of the menu offerings. Most people would consider it a giant waste of time to go to the trouble of going into the place just for a little stripling of chicken meat. The idea is to get that, but then plunk down cash for a full meal while you’re there.

It’ll probably work great. I’m sure no amount of explicit advertising will prevent a sizable portion of knuckleheads from trying to get their full Chicken Selects strips meal in the drivethru (and McDonald’s isn’t going to pound on that point too much — no sense in driving away potential business). But that’s the price of doing business.

Will I still go get my free strip? I think not. If I lived or worked near a walk-up restaurant, I might; but all the McD’s joints in my area are strictly car-destination locations. So they’re not worth the trouble, even for novelty purposes. Ronald will have to fatten his wallet without my money.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 02/15/2005 10:22:01 PM
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As I mentioned, this past Friday I went to see Pedro Almodovar’s latest, Bad Education. Not his best, but far better than everything else out there right now, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

There was a Spanish rendition of “Moon River” in the movie, but with completely reworked lyrics (written by Almodovar). The performance, sung in a high alto by a little boy whose character wound up being a main protagonist, was especially moving — especially in that particular scene’s context (not to give anything away). It stayed stuck in my brain, which was no doubt the intended effect.

I managed to find both English and Spanish versions of these new lyrics at MetaFilter. I can’t confirm the accuracy of either set (I can’t find the IMDb connection mentioned in the MF thread), but from my memory, they seem on target.

So here they are, side-by-side for translative purposes. Note that “Moon River” remains the title in both languages, and is used in the Spanish — something which, I found, enhanced the song:

Moon river… I will not forget you,
I will not get carried away
By the water, muddy water
Of the river of the moon
Which sounds like happening.

River and moon, tell me where they are,
My god, right and wrong,
Tell me.

I want to know
What he hides in the dark
And will you find it,
River and moon… good-bye.

My moon, come and light me,
I know neither where I am nor why.
I hear the rumor of muddy waters
- they take me far, very far from myself.

Moon river… tell me where they are
My god, right and wrong,
Tell me.

I want to know
What he hides in the dark
And if will you find it,
Moon River… Goodbye.

Moon river… no te olvidare,
Yo no me dejare llevar
Por el agua, agua turbia
Del rio de la luna
Que suena al pasar.

Rio y luna, dime donde estan,
Mi dios, el bien y el mal,

Yo quiero saber
Que se esconde en la oscuridad
Y tu lo encontraras,
Rio y luna… adios.

Mi luna, ven y alumbrame,
No se ni donde estoy, por que.
Oigo el rumor de aguas turbias
Que me llevan lejos, muy lejos de mi.

Moon river… dime donde estan
Mi dios, el bien y el mal,

Yo quiero saber
Que se esconde en la oscuridad
Y tu lo encontraras,
Moon river… adios.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 02/15/2005 08:23:54 PM
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