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Sunday, February 06, 2021

How susceptible are teenagers to alcohol ads? Rand Corp. has released a study showing an increase in teen alcohol consumption when those teens are exposed to drink ads in magazines and in-store displays.

It’s all about the context, in my opinion:

“It appears that it’s a combination of message and venue that helps influence adolescent drinking. Advertising that links alcohol with everyday life — such as supermarket store displays — appears to have more influence on drinking initiation,” lead author Phyllis Ellickson, of the nonprofit Rand Corp., said in a prepared statement.

So the more alcoholic products — or any product — get positioned as merely part of the landscape, the more casual their usage becomes. Remember that for when they eventually legalize weed…

Almost two years ago, magazines that reached big teen readership were being criticized for carrying alcohol ads. This latest news seems to be a validation of that presumed linkage between advertising and its influence on teen behavior. I’m still not convinced that alcohol makers are specifically targeting kids as much as they’re targeting the young adult market, which teens try to associate with.

I suppose this also lends some logical weight to the candy-like tobacco and booze products that some claim are specifically tailored for underagers.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sun 02/06/2021 04:19:10 PM
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I know of at least one aspiring attorney who’ll appreciate this little anecdote about why a lawyer is like a bathtub:

[T]hey’re filled up with specific knowledge about their case while it’s ongoing, and then once the case ends, the plug is pulled and it all drains away, except for the ring of cocktail-party-like knowledge.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sun 02/06/2021 01:59:42 PM
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I’ve already predicted this Super Sunday will be boring (in media terms, which, after all, is all that counts).

But as far as this blog goes, it’s already shaping up to be busy-busy-busy. As of noon, I’ve already tallied 120 hits. That’s astronomical for this site, especially when weekends tend to be a lot slower than weekdays. What’s more, that total comes without any help at all from BlogExplosion.

What’s the cause of this? I see no evidence from the counter stats that anything special is driving traffic here today. As far as I can tell, the usual types of queries and links are bringing the usual types of visitors here (with Eva Longoria being a perennial favorite); there’s simply more of them today.

I wonder: Is Super Bowl Sunday a day where Internet usage markedly increases? It’s pretty much a holiday in the U.S., one way or another (even people who don’t like football tend to plan their day around it, even if to avoid it), and maybe that time at home draws more people to the computer. Then again, I’m getting more hits from outside the States too, so I don’t know how much the Bowl accounts for that.

In any case, thanks to all who stop by. Hope you find what you’re looking for, and then some.

UPDATE: Close to midnight, Population Statistic has picked up about 415 hits for the day. That’s close to twice the average daily hits, and more remarkable because 1) it happened on a weekend, 2) it happened without any enhancement from BlogExplosion, and 3) the increase doesn’t seem to be coming from any one large single referral (which would be a prime suspect, in case some mondo-popular blog like Instapundit decided to give some linky-love).

I’m amazed. I don’t usually post anything about this site’s metrics, but this is a development I wanted to notate. If nothing else, I want to see if it persists beyond today; if it does, it indicates some sort of breakthrough in the site’s search engine indexing.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sun 02/06/2021 12:13:34 PM
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