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Friday, February 04, 2021

Ostensibly, Bravo is a channel that presents higher-brow material that you won’t find on other networks.

That notion gets blown to pieces when the Friday night movie presentation is Tommy Boy.

Actually, I like Tommy Boy quite a bit. How can you not chuckle at the late Chris Farley’s “fat guy in little coat” routine?

But on Bravo? Come on. No way does that fit into the image that’s been cultivated. It’s a bad, bad fit.

I guess this is what happens when NBC takes over. And I’m sure the Saturday Night Live connection plays a big part in this programming decision. I guess Bravo is nothing more than a shill for the parent network now.

- Costa Tsiokos, Fri 02/04/2021 03:06:18 PM
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Sticks of Fire reports on the strange case of Miami Herald blogger Liz Donovan.

Donovan, a Herald columnist, maintains a blog that, at first glance, appears to be part of the Herald’s website. But the URL gives away that it’s hosted and maintained by Blogger’s BlogSpot service. It’s a highly informal and unusual arrangement for any newspaper, much less a major metropolitan daily.

Donovan says that the Herald and its parent company, Knight Ridder, actually are encouraging their reporters to set up BlogSpot sites for their blogs. Apparently, KR’s web software isn’t equipped to accomodate blogs, and rather than fix that problem, they’re taking the short-term easy/cheap way out.

To me, this smacks of total chintziness, and lack of prioritizing. It’s the equivalent of using a Yahoo! or Hotmail address as an offical corporate email account. By not bothering to dedicate room on their papers’ domains, KR is sending a message: Blogging, even by their own reporters, isn’t worth the company’s time.

This is a little surprising, because Knight Ridder has often professed to be a big bettor on electronic media; in fact, it relocated its corporate headquarters from Miami to Silicon Valley almost ten years ago, citing a need to be closer to the digital action. On the other hand, despite this avowed commitment, the company’s approach has often been cookiecutter-like and rigid, with innovations coming about only grudgingly.

I remember coming across Donovan’s blog a long while ago. I noticed the Blogspot domain right away, and, despite all the Herald graphics and linkage, instantly questioned how it could possibly be officially affiliated with the newspaper. It took a little digging before I was convinced that it wasn’t some sort of hoax. I realize most people don’t even notice these things (and thus, the troubling lack of distinction among information sources by Web surfers), but it should be a concern.

I wonder how many other corporate entities fob off their “official” blogs to freebie services. I know of one other such case: Fox Searchlight Pictures, which also uses Blogspot for their blog.

- Costa Tsiokos, Fri 02/04/2021 02:24:49 PM
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