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Wednesday, February 02, 2021

People have suggested to me that, in order to get more feedback here, I should pose quiz-like questions to the audience.

It’s a good idea, except when it doesn’t work. The few times I’ve tried it in the past, I’ve gotten no response. And that’s kinda embarrassing.

But what the hell, I’ll give it another shot. If it gains appeal, I might even make a dedicated category for it. Gimme your answers in the comment box:

When you get home at night, after a day of work/school/whatever, which do you head for first: The television set, or the (Internet-connected) computer?

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 02/02/2021 11:29:42 PM
Category: Question Time!
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  1. I hate to admit it, but these days, I plop on the couch with my wireless-internet laptop, and then turn the tv on.

    I still miss the days when I had the WebTV plus that could surf the ‘net on the TV itself, while watching TV on the Picture-in-Picture. I dont miss the 56k modem speed though.

    Comment by The Belt — 02/03/2021 @ 08:48:35 AM

  2. If I must choose one, it’s the TV about 2:1. But most often, we’ll do something else.

    I empathize with your desire for more interaction. I’ve tried contests, quizzes, direct questions… Hell, I’m giving away free tickets right now, and participation is still low. I don’t know what to do. It is frustrating and embarassing.

    Comment by tommy — 02/03/2021 @ 09:32:18 AM

  3. Ultimately, the first thing that I head for are my cats! After that, the computer.

    Comment by Pimme — 02/03/2021 @ 09:57:39 AM

  4. Lots of other things before either, but always computer. I hate TV. The only thing I like about it is BET and that’s mostly so I can bite dance moves and think about new fashion possibilities. (Yes, I am lame, thank you for noticing.)

    Comment by r* — 02/03/2021 @ 12:56:20 PM

  5. Computer first.

    Comment by Todd — 02/03/2021 @ 01:11:01 PM

  6. Computer, of course.

    Comment by Rob — 02/03/2021 @ 02:15:45 PM

  7. Computer… I check email.

    Comment by Chad — 02/03/2021 @ 02:39:02 PM

  8. I walk in through my kitchen and usually turn on the small tv for the news.

    Comment by Theresa — 02/03/2021 @ 03:02:39 PM

  9. There’s a TV??!?

    Comment by Cliff — 02/03/2021 @ 03:15:16 PM

  10. Well, I guess this is a bit of a hit! Thanks all (and keep them coming). I guess a category tag is on the way…

    Belt: I do the same thing, wireless notebook in the vicinity of the tube (although the tube is frequently showing Xbox games instead of programming).

    Tommy: You may have inspired a dedicated post to what you’ve mentioned, probably for tomorrow. Stay tuned.

    R*: Hate TV? BET acolyte? You continue to shatter my cherished illusions of you. (I get my dance moves from endzone-strutting NFL players.)

    Comment by CT — 02/03/2021 @ 04:28:15 PM

  11. Both, neither. I turn watch telly through the laptop.

    Comment by Fene — 02/04/2021 @ 12:57:53 PM

  12. Very high-tech. But then, that means you hit the computer first, obviously.

    Comment by CT — 02/04/2021 @ 01:00:40 PM

  13. with a cherry on top?
    …lack of interaction on posts. He recently posted a quiz to elicit… …Busy Mom declared a “Lurker Amnesty Day,” asking people…

    Trackback by Sticks of Fire — 02/09/2021 @ 09:02:18 PM

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