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Saturday, January 29, 2021

heeeeeeere's dave
In the wake of Johnny Carson’s death, it was noted that he had kept his finger in the late-night pie by supplying Dave Letterman with a steady supply of monologue jokes.

So how did Letterman show his appreciation?

You heard Johnny Carson had been slipping jokes to David Letterman. You may not know that the “Late Night” host would send his “Tonight” mentor a sly thanks on the air by doing a Carsonesque golf swing. Esquire writer Bill Zehme, who landed the last interview with Carson, tells us Letterman also made sure to send Carson a check for every joke. “Johnny would endorse the check with a smart-ass remark for Dave to read when the check came back to him.”

I’ve noticed Dave doing those swings every so often during his openings, with accompanying drumroll from the band. It was obviously a tip of the hat to Carson’s style, but I was unaware of the linkage as punctuation marks for jokes coming specifically from Carson. I think The Late Show should run a montage of those golf-swing moments, in tribute.

Leno should run such a montage, too. Oh, wait — he doesn’t have any golf-swing moments…

(Via Hooray for Captain Spaulding)

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 01/29/2005 02:37pm
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It’s Gasparilla time in Tampa again. Arrrrrr, matey!

Gasparilla rolls in at the same time every year. And somehow, it manages to sneak up on me. As does Guavaween. Do I have some sort of mental block when it comes to the local revelries? Maybe that’s why I haven’t attended either event in several years now.

Accordingly, I’m not planning on partaking in the pirate invasion today. The weather’s a prime culprit: It’s rather dank today, and isn’t expected to improve much. Aside from that, it’s generally a pain to navigate the area, find parking, etc. If I had someone to go with (or, better yet, someone who lived on or near the parade route), I might go for it. But as it is, it’s not worth it.

I do need to head over to Tampa early this afternoon. It’s not going to be particularly close to Gasparilla Ground Zero, but since I’ll be in the neighborhood — and have some beads on hand — the mood might strike me to take in the par-tay.

Or not. There’s a Studio 54-style party at the Dali Museum tonight for the closing of the “Dali & Mass Culture” exhibition. Sounds like more fun.

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Sandra Thompson laments the Tampa Bay area’s puny ranking of No. 72 on Men’s Health magazine’s “101 Best & Worst Cities for Men” list.

I’m not sure why she’s fretting about a list that came out back in November, but whatever.

Here’s the interesting info on the city that made No. 1:

Fremont, Calif. I didn’t even know where it is, but apparently it’s in Silicon Valley, where guys are young, smart and rich. But get this: In Fremont, the cops are paid to exercise. The police department has a top-notch, on-site fitness center, and officers can work out for an hour during every shift. How about it, Pam?

Of course, regular readers of this blog know about Fremont: It’s the city that made headlines recently for instituting a policy where the police will not respond to burglar alarms unless they’re accompanied by verification.

The reason cited for this rollback of police services? Lack of money and manpower. Fremont police simply don’t have time to respond to every alarm that’s tripped.

It occurs to me that sharply reducing the funds paid out to the cops for getting buff in their sparkling fitness center — during their freakin’ shifts — might go some ways toward solving their resource shortage problems.

True, their cops won’t be as sexy and buff, and probably won’t be tapped for a Men’s Health photo spread. But if I were a resident of Fremont, I wouldn’t mind having a dumpy cop respond to a break-in on my property — just as long as one responds.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 01/29/2005 10:48am
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