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Wednesday, January 26, 2021

Yoga for hockey players? That’s crazy talk. Only super-hot “Desperate Housewives” actresses do that one-legged pigeon pose stuff. Like ballet for football players, it’s a nice idea, but it’ll never fly in practical application.

Then again, when you’re leading all OHL goaltender statistical categories, and your pregame prep includes controlled breathing and visualization exercises, I have a feeling that yoga will catch on in a big way among junior players (and maybe the pros too).

The yoga master in question is 19-year-old London Knights goalie Gerald Coleman, and he’s ripping up the OHL with a 24-1-2 record, 1.60 goals-against average, .943 save percentage and six shutouts.

Not too shabby. The Lightning look to have a real gem waiting in the wings for whenever Khabibulin hangs them up.

Ah, hockey talk. If only they’d get the season geared up soon…

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 01/26/2005 07:47:15 PM
Category: Hockey
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  1. It’s dead Jim, there’s nothing I can do. I’m a Doctor, not a contract mediator.

    Comment by Michael Conlen — 01/27/2005 @ 12:34:07 PM

  2. Non-Lockout Hockey Digest
    What’s the secret behind the performance of one of the best goalies in junior hockey? How about yoga?

    Thanks to Costa Tsiokos for the link.

    Trackback by Off Wing Opinion — 01/28/2005 @ 08:48:21 PM

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    Reading the profile of Tampa Bay standout rookie defenseman Paul Ranger, it comes across that he’s something of a Renaissance man: In addition to being a professional-class athlete, he’s a budding intellectual.
    And a nascient circus perf…

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