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Wednesday, January 26, 2021

goin' humpin'
This hasn’t been formally announced yet, but since advertisers and other business partners have already been informed, it’s not exactly a secret. So here it is:

tbt*, the free news/lifestyle weekly launched back in September by the St. Petersburg Times, is switching publication day from Fridays to Wednesdays. The change will take effect either next week or the week after.

Why the move to Hump Day? The official line is that it was deemed people wanted their news roundup and weekend planning in their hands earlier in the week.

Unofficially? Bear in mind, the following is purely speculation on my part; just because my gig is part of the same parent company doesn’t mean I have any special insider knowledge. So looking at it strictly as an observer…

Publishing on Wednesday, a day before the Weekly Planet and two days before the Tampa Tribune’s Friday Extra, gives tbt* a jump on the competition. Specifically, it’s something to offer to advertisers: Getting their ads in front of readers’ eyes earlier. There’s a limited ad market for these pubs — companies aren’t going to buy space in all three, so earlier publication date is a big incentive to choose tbt* over the other two.

The flip side is that Wednesday might be too early for targeting the weekend crowd. But there’s really no alternative: Saturday is devoid of competition, but it’s too late in the week; and Thursday is already taken by the Planet and the Times’ own Weekend section. Wednesday is open territory, and it has the appeal of early ad placement.

It could work out well. All it takes is aggressive marketing and distribution to encourage a habit of picking it up.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 01/26/2005 08:14pm
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Yoga for hockey players? That’s crazy talk. Only super-hot “Desperate Housewives” actresses do that one-legged pigeon pose stuff. Like ballet for football players, it’s a nice idea, but it’ll never fly in practical application.

Then again, when you’re leading all OHL goaltender statistical categories, and your pregame prep includes controlled breathing and visualization exercises, I have a feeling that yoga will catch on in a big way among junior players (and maybe the pros too).

The yoga master in question is 19-year-old London Knights goalie Gerald Coleman, and he’s ripping up the OHL with a 24-1-2 record, 1.60 goals-against average, .943 save percentage and six shutouts.

Not too shabby. The Lightning look to have a real gem waiting in the wings for whenever Khabibulin hangs them up.

Ah, hockey talk. If only they’d get the season geared up soon…

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 01/26/2005 07:47pm
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beer 'n fish
Neon window sign, Ratchada Thai Restaurant & Sushi Bar, downtown St. Petersburg

Snapped this shot today on my stroll back from lunch (at another joint). I kind of liked the look of the sign; its colors were more vivid than this pic indicates.

I think I was partly inspired by a couple who were walking around downtown, taking pictures of various people and things. I need to better develop my shutterbug instinct, and actually get some use out of this cameraphone.

by Costa Tsiokos, Wed 01/26/2005 07:10pm
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