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Monday, January 24, 2021

As I mentioned earlier today, it’s freakin’ cold around here.

When it gets cold in the Tampa Bay area, Floridians pull out the leather. Everywhere I looked today, people were wearing leather jackets, leather gloves, leather caps, leather boots… Fashionable cowhide seems to be the cold insulator of choice in the Sunshine State.

I’m not sure why leather wins out over heavy fleeces and other traditional winterwear from colder climates. I guess leather is more versatile: You can wear it in just about any kind of weather, whereas wool and such gets pretty unbearable during the usual humid atmosphere around here. But then, since there are so many Northern and Midwestern transplants hereabouts, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t closetfuls of heavy fabrics around, and if they’d ever get pulled out, a day like this would be it.

Aside from shoes and belts, I don’t own any leather clothing anymore. I’ve never thought it was a compatible look for me; I always felt a leather jacket made me look like I was trying too hard.

But if I were to invest in some leather finery, I’d definitely go for the riding jeans.

- Costa Tsiokos, Mon 01/24/2005 08:17:53 PM
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