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Sunday, January 23, 2021

The most distasteful thing about the aftermath of 9/11 is the notion that the terrorist attacks came without warning, were unprovoked, and represented the “start” of a state of war.

All nonsense. The Nixon Administration commissioned a task force, whose members included Henry Kissinger and Rudy Giuliani, to develop ways to combat the possiblity of terror attacks against U.S. interests domestically and abroad. Which underlines that the situation was just as unstable and treacherous during the heart of the Cold War as it is today.

Granted, al-Quaeda wasn’t on the scene in the ’70s. And the bi-polar standoff between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. made geopolitical maneuvering a bit more predictable (at least on the surface). But the seeds for today’s crises were clearly identifiable decades ago.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 01/23/2005 05:07pm
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You know when your senses keep getting assaulted for a week or two by pre-release hype for some crappy big-budget movie? You can see the flick’s going to suck, you can see (or at least hope) that it’s going to flop hard, and so you resent the advertising oversaturation for it that much more.

That’s the case right now with Hide and Seek. It’s got all the earmarks of a crapfest. Not only is it the latest example of how Robert De Niro‘s career has degenerated into a pay-me-enough-and-I’ll-play-anything joke; but even in the previews, it’s painfully obvious how co-star Dakota Fanning comes off as being about as creepy and menacing as a Pop-Tart.

Still, they’re playing the preview about six times an hour during today’s football game. And I’m sure it’ll be hard to turn on any TV channel over the next week and not come upon it again and again. There’s no escaping it.

Makes me wish they’d move up the release date to, like, today, so that it can blow in and out of theaters quickly, and we can move on. It’s the only humane thing to do.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 01/23/2005 04:22pm
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Everyone knows about SoHo: The New York, London, Hong Kong, and (of course) Tampa editions.

There’s no SoHo in Los Angeles, but there is a NoHo. That’s short for North Hollywood, which is not only a city but also a funky entertainment district.

So long as there’s some kinda ho in Southern California…

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 01/23/2005 04:02pm
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for the birds
Okay, I’m going to sound like a jerk here, but I gotta say it:

That kid who just butchered the pre-game National Anthem with his horrendous warbling has guaranteed the Eagles’ jinx in NFC Championship Games will continue, this time versus the Falcons.

That, and the fact that the entire crew on the FOX pre-game show picked Philadelphia to win.

(I really sound like a jerk if it turns out the kid is terminally ill or something; I don’t think that’s the case, but I’m sure I’ll hear about it in short order if so.)

UPDATE: Looks like I, in turn, jinxed the Falcons with my previous jerkery. The kid is forgiven!

FURTHER UPDATE: Yup, I am a jerk. It turns out the kid is Timmy Kelly, the resident singing sensation at Philadelphia Shriners Hospital (thanks to David at VodkaFish for enlightening me).

I have a weak excuse for ragging on a blind boy with mild cerebral palsy: I wasn’t paying attention to his introduction before he started singing. I was wrapping up various household chores (including bringing in the patio plants in anticipation of our big freeze), and so missed that crucial piece of info. I didn’t even catch sight of Timmy until after he was done and was being carried off the field. But I did manage to hear a good bit of his singing, and so I jumped to conclusions.

I may be an Eagles fan, but I don’t make a habit out of taunting Shriners Hospital kids (nor, for that matter, of booing Santa Claus). I’ll try harder to keep my knee-jerkery in check in the future.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 01/23/2005 03:10pm
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Only in Transylvania (I guess): A Romanian couple have given their bouncing baby boy “Yahoo” for a middle name.

Thankfully, it’s only his middle name. So he won’t get beat up at school every day, and won’t grow up hating his parents something fierce.

Mommy and Daddy claim they chose the name because they met through Yahoo!‘s chat services, but I know the truth. They’re really covert fans of Yahoo Serious, and are hoping this gesture will re-spark the Australian sensation’s career. (Actually, I’m not sure which explanation would be more embarrassing.)

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 01/23/2005 02:51pm
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better than a toilet!
A dog gets thirsty when he’s out and about. When there’s no water dish (or toilet bowl) around, he’s usually forced into the ignoble option of lapping up the stray puddle or trying to slurp up a bottled-water stream.

But now, there’s the Handi-Drink Portable Bowl! An admittedly ingenious solution for the pooch on the go. I especially like the form-fitting flip-down dispenser.

(Via Mekkem.com)

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 01/23/2005 02:36pm
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By the way, I have added a few new blogs on the ‘roll:

- Apropos of Something

- Disorderly Content

- The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles

- Frozen Truth

- Mekkem.com

Not that these blogs are necessary “new”, either in terms of operation or to my knowledge; but in the interests of maintaining the fictitious weltanschauung that other domains don’t exist until/unless I grant them linkage, I’ll tag ‘em so.

I’ve just realized that, with the addition of Mekkem.com, I now have two consumer product showcase/review blogs listed… and only one sports blog. What the hell have I become??

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 01/23/2005 02:23pm
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I don’t usually say anything about the subtractions I make from my blogroll (nor, aside from the little text tag next to the links, about the additions, either). When they’re gone, they’re outta here like last year.

But I have to mark the demise of Night in the Big City. It appears to have been overrun with comment spam in a big way; I don’t know if that correlates to the lack of posting by the 4-5 contributors. Whatever the reason, it’s been dark for two months, and that’s well past the point when I pull the link.

Which is a shame. I like perusing all the blogs listed left — they wouldn’t be on this page if that wasn’t the case. But much as I hate to play favorites, I’ll admit to “Night” being a particular gem for me. All the authors had wickedly good writing styles (just check the archives), and reading a couple of their vignettes of metropolitan life had me itching to head back to Noo Yawk (almost).

Anyway, I’ll miss it. Ash, Tia, Heather, Jill — if you decide to re-start, let me know. (And hurry.)

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 01/23/2005 02:08pm
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