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Friday, December 31, 2020

The year has around 5 hours left in the tank (less 3-millionths of a second, thanks to the recent Indonesian earthquake). Adieu 2004, bonjour 2005!

I could declare a resolution or two, and share that with Technorati’s World Live Web. But, despite the likely effectiveness of sticking to such declarations after putting them in writing, I’ll pass. I do have certain hopes and goals to accomplish in the coming year, but nothing I choose to yak about here unless/until they come closer to actual fruition (and maybe not even then).

It’s funny how time flies. There’ve been various points in my life where I was sure I’d never see the light of 2005; I’m still somewhat bemused that the calendar will read thus tomorrow, and that my eyes will be taking it in. Wonders never cease.

Anyway, I’ve got to start prepping for the night’s festivities. I might have the geek sensibility to blog throughout the passage of one year to another, but it’s not going to happen on this night (even if I had a Treo or similar portable device that was fully Web-enabled). There’s a time and a place for everything, and tonight’s a time for some good ol’ offline fun.

However you choose to usher in the New Year, have a blast! See you on the other side.

- Costa Tsiokos, Fri 12/31/2004 07:05:42 PM
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  1. As of right now, it’s 15 minutes before 2005, I’m giving my life to God, Jehovah in Jesus Christ’s name. I want to make that my end of 2004 let go. I let go of my life and gave it to god before 2005. Now my new years resolution is to be on my first commercial, and sell my first Jingle. I want to also mention that i’m 17 years old and i’m also giving my life to my baby boy who is due on January 30th of 2005, but may just be here any day now. I also want to get settle with my boyfriend Omar S Mace, I’m also planning on passing my GED exam and going to college in the fall of 2005. Well there you have it.

    Comment by Renina Newton — 12/31/2004 @ 11:49:31 PM

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