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Thursday, December 30, 2020

Thanks to my officemate Jamie, I have the lyrics from “On Our Own”, the signature song from Ghostbusters II, rattling around my skull.

Not all the lyrics, mind you. Just the rap hook:

Too hot to handle
Too cold to hold
They’re called the Ghostbusters
And they’re in control

So, I can handle that. I don’t think I’d be able to handle it if it were these lyrics plaguing me instead:

Found out about Vigo
The master of evil
Try to battle my boys
That’s not legal

Bobby Brown never sounded so good.

Ghostbusters II holds a special place in my memory banks: It’s the first-ever movie I walked out on, some 12 years ago now. I’ve blocked out most of it, but I remember enduring about an hour of it. Finally, I leaned over to the friend I was with, and said something like, “Man, I swear, if the Statue of Liberty ends up coming alive and walking around, I am the fuck out of here!”

Sure enough, the Statue walked. And then, so did I. ‘Cause that’s not legal.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 12/30/2004 05:58:04 PM
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Nice way to wrap up the year: It’s been a ridiculously beautiful day today, sunny blue sky and 70-something degrees. I left the office around 1, ran around doing a little shopping and general hanging-out, and looking forward to a fun night.

The weather’s supposed to be just as nice tomorrow. I’m thinking a couple of hours of sun will give me a nice New Year’s Eve tan.

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What if, instead of the infamous “wardrobe malfunction”, Janet Jackson and Justine Timberlake pulled off their choreographed routine without a breast-baring hitch?

The AP’s Jake Coyle offers a compelling alternate reality for the past year’s entertainment landscape, minus the ripple effect of the tempest-in-a-C-cup. Among the sea changes:

Cameron Diaz, mortified by her boyfriend’s failed attempt to reach second base, breaks up with Timberlake before the Super Bowl is even over. She immediately sends word to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady that she’s available.

The flustered Brady is a wreck in the second half, and the Carolina Panthers cruise to a surprise victory…

Without the Super Bowl controversy, Disney sees no risk in distributing Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11.” The box-office hit saves the job of beleaguered Disney chief Michael Eisner. However, an out-of-date memo stating Eisner will be fired ends up at CBS News, which erroneously reports that the CEO is being ousted.

Though a considerable embarrassment, the experience forces CBS and Dan Rather to tighten up their fact-checking. The President Bush/National Guard story never makes it on air. Rather’s job is secure for the next 10 years…

Meanwhile, Mel Gibson decides not to subtitle the Aramaic dialogue in “The Passion of the Christ,” and moviegoers stay away… To shore up his image, Gibson signs on to produce his own ABC drama, “Fundamentalist Housewives.” But a Monday Night Football lead-in showing Monica Belluci shedding her ankle-length dress and jumping into the arms of Eagles receiver Terrell Owens elicits nationwide condemnation. Red State viewers flee NFL broadcasts in droves.

Seeking to boost ratings, the NFL picks Lindsay Lohan to perform at halftime of the 2005 Super Bowl. The show (featuring her much-debated, um, maturing physique) is wildly over the top. An onlooking Usher can only exclaim, “Yeah!”

Welcome to 2005. Even fake history is doomed to repeat itself.

Wow, I’m sorry I missed out on all that.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 12/30/2004 05:33:10 PM
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