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Wednesday, December 29, 2020

funky state university
You’re looking at a map of what Florida State University’s campus would look like if a controversial chiropractic school is allowed to open, against the vehement objections of FSU faculty.

Just for fun (and search engine optimization), I’ll list these proposed fake schools of pseudo-knowledge:

- Crop Circle Simulation Laboratory

- Yeti Foundation

- School of Astrology

- Institute of Telekinesis

- Bigfoot Institute

- Department of ESP Studies

- Faith Healing

- College of Homeopathic Medicine

- Foundation for Prayer Healing Studies

- School of UFO Abduction Studies

- School of Channeling and Remote Sensing

- Creationism Foundation

- Past Life Studies

- College of Dowsing

- Palmistry

- Tarot Studies

Hey, in my humble opinion, FSU could do a lot worse than land an Institute of Telekinesis. It would be ahead of the curve, academically.

My compliments to the nameless FSU professor who came up with this doomsday map. Who knew chiropracty was such a reviled field? Despite my wreck of a back, I think I’ll put off my first chiropractic appointment…

- Costa Tsiokos, Wed 12/29/2004 10:44:40 PM
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  1. Link-O-Rama
    Marginal Revolution: What I’ve Been Reading. Good books you may have missed. Population Statistic: Fantasy State University. If you let the chiropractors in, can other pseudo-science be far behind? And who knew that the Florida State Seminoles had suc…

    Trackback by Tom McMahon — 12/30/2004 @ 09:04:29 AM

  2. What?!?!? No “College of Making Money in Real Estate with No Money Down”?

    Comment by Tom McMahon — 12/30/2004 @ 09:39:00 AM

  3. That school was squeezed out by the “Free Shoes University Impact Study Institute” (unless you’ve followed the UF-FSU football sniping over the past 10 years, that one might not make sense).

    Comment by CT — 12/30/2004 @ 01:10:48 PM

  4. I want to go here!
    Now this looks like a cool place to go to college! Borrowed from Costa at Population Statistic who has more information on the how and why of this map….

    Trackback by Let Me Make My Point(e)... — 12/31/2004 @ 06:50:29 PM

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